How to Edit Music Videos | Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial

How to edit a music video in adobe premiere pro. I go over how to line up your music video clips, how to cut the clips to the beat of the music, and how to add B-roll. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask questions about how to edit a music video or anything else in the comments below!

My Equipment:

Sony a6300 –
Sony a6500 –
SmallHD Focus –
Aputure 120D –
Sony A7ii –
FreeWorld Monitor –
Sigma 19mm 2.8 –
Rhode video mic go –
Freeworld monitor –
Sigma 18-35mm 1.8-
Sigma 30mm 1.4 –
Sony 16-35mm f4 –
Sigma mc-11 adapter –
Studio pro led –
Dfuse LED Softbox –
Raya 5 in 1 Reflector –
Manfrotto tripod –
Manfrotto fluid head –
Mefotto tripod and ball head –
Small rig cage –
Tiffen Variable ND Filter –
Dji ronin m –
Sony 55m 1.8 –
Fat gecko mount –
Neewer shoulder rig –
RodeLink Filmmaker kit –

Video Production by Dennis Films:
Instagram: @dennis_films_
Twitter: @Dennis_films_
Facebook: Gabe Dennis


David Simon says:

Great Work Bro

Subhan Hyder says:


TechGeek RLD says:

What’s your opinion on using smartphone cameras for music videos these days and professional work. Speaking on a Galaxy S9 or iPhone X, or are DSLR still requirement for professional work?

deathcats says:

thanks this was very helpful

Smith Pierre says:

thx you guy


Can you tell me how you can edit your Videos without it hangs up? Its so slow my premiere pro. Do you have some tricks?

Jonte Hall says:

Dope video Keep Going

Jose Francis says:

Super dope

prodmartinez says:

quick question, i purchased the sigma 18-35 with the mc-11 like your set up for my a6300 and the image quality is beautiful but the sound of the sigma when autofocusing ruins the actual audio recording. is there anyway to work around that extremely loud autofocusing noise? much thanks

fedor remy says:

cause in my country we don’t have that school

Yung Prob says:

ive watched a number of other videos explaining on how to edit videos etc. your short video by far has gave me a much better understanding as a novice. thank you!!!


Thnq so much

Wizdom KhaliFah'd says:

Hi. Please which Gears were used?

ツuknown rap says:

Thank you.. I am making a singing channel and that helps alot for editing, keep make videos like this one <3

fedor remy says:

my full name is fedor remy

Sean Vang says:

You just got a new subscriber here bruh! I’ll be picking this up soon!

Datrine says:

Good stuff bro, I would like to see the final product of the video. is there a link?


Now I get the real picture how they Edit these music videos, I was curious lol!

David Simon says:

Next Video BTS Footage If You Can

Director Cyclone says:

nice vid man. always good to see how other creators edit.

Daniel IV says:

What camera did you shoot this music video with?

fedor remy says:

very good

Zach Lang says:

Do you always export in 4k? I always scale my 4k footage down to 1080, which would be better?

Thabang Gule says:

you doing dope stuff brah

Bass Arcade says:

Bro when you chop try holding shift when you clip so they all can chop at the same time btw I look up to ya work !

EyeWorkVisuals says:

maybee a stupid question but….. i cant find the lumetri color in my adobe premiere?? can you please help me

Valentín Sarabia says:

Mejor multi cámara

Ayoub El Dahbi says:

Guys How much does the computer want to work Adobe Premier Pro ?

ShotByNae says:

Nice…. I would like to see you do your export settings for instagram preview videos


Hey Dennis I really thank you for your videos an content I was wondering could I walk on to one of your shoots soon


create proxies bro, you will be able to edit without your computer running slow and lagging while you edit! thats what i do and i can edit perfectly!

803 KAM says:

what song is that

fedor remy says:

can you help me learning how to edit music video from a to z

Mikey Bennett says:

Thank you so much for this video! It helps a lot!

Rome Rich says:

i fuck wit you for this 100

Príamo Rap Brasil says:

Select all video tracks, play and pressing “CTRL + K” during course of the timeline in kick and Snare.
Afterwards, refine the cuts using rapper verses, kicks and snares. 1 hour of work. Very quick.

Greetings from Brazil. Sorry my english

Pskylark says:

Am I the only one who thinks Southern accents sound badass? Makes me want to move down to Texas or some shit.

fedor remy says:

i like your tuto

MIONIK says:

Yo your videos are hella chill while still being informative, keep up the good work

JohnnyKing says:

What computer are you using?

Rory Springthorpe says:

Dig your work man! Shot for the tutorial

Mitch Da God says:

good vid im a final cut user looking to switch over hope the transition isnt hard

Official MeechMusic says:

Good shit my boy

fedor remy says:

please bro im so crazy for making music video

Akbar Ishmael says:

What camera stabilizer do you use?

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