How to get the CINEMATIC LOOK in Premiere Pro

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How to get the cinematic look to your footage? In this video you can follow my full workflow on color grading with my LUTs, adding film grain and make your footage simply look great in Adobe Premiere Pro. I took some shots on our hike to the Genuveva Caves in Germany with the Canon 5D Mark IV + Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art. It wasn’t enough for a whole Vlog so we’re doing this Color Grading tutorial real quick!



Reel Smart Motion Blur Plugin for Premiere Pro/After Effects




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Agnes Obel – Familiar
Charlie Cunningham – Answers


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Ravi Kumar says:

Thank you sir

Michael Levette says:

That was awesome. I felt so much emotion from this video at the end… I’m new to making videos and it’s just been a blast trying to learn all of these new things. It’s great to have people such as yourself that can help people like me better there footage.

Christian Maté Grab says:

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single3in1 says:

i need help for my videos

cek my channel

mithun srinivasan says:

I think u should listen to ar Rahman’s music. If you are looking for music which touches you mate

Peter Barr says:

Nice video Christain! I definitely have to try shooting in log to better try some nice luts next time. But here’s my first ever attempt to use Premiere to edit some Mavic Air shots in my favourite place Donegal, Ireland. I wanted to keep it quite contrasty, perhaps I’ve gone too far but it’s all a learning experience.

kabardinkus says:

hello! my 5d mark III can does more 24 fps rec?

Leo Loyola says:

i could really buy ur luts right away , but can u pls describe what are your settings by the time u record ur videos? cine 4 , s log2 ? wich one and if u modify them ? pls

gabriel ventura says:

Christian awesome tutorial. i have the A6500 sony and what is the recommendation settings to apply your lute?

Anurag Shreshthi says:

Super duper edit… Thanks for teaching best edit

KzFX says:

Where was this shot?

Chris Reichelt says:

your link to the music does not work
but great video

Fretless Sunday says:

i still wondering if…fuji xt20 can shoot with flat profile…to be honest my fuji is lack of flat profile for video.

T SHADY says:

This video is the most productive video i ever watched on youtube really nice buddy keep it up and teach us always through your videos

Knotek! says:

Gonciarz what are you doing here?

hqqasgar says:

awesome, thanks

Bun Kim says:

Awesome Man!

Ceri Rust says:

Quickfire advice for cinie 2 on A7RIII leave sharpness etc.. at 0? 4k 24p

Сергей Бабкин says:

wonderfull!!! thanx!

sacalud says:

Nice job man..

الخطوط العربية Arabian Press says:


Bing Bong says:

Lovely stuff mate! Do you have any LUTS for a C200?

1 2 says:

Awesome video, great tips and a super result. Thanks for sharing everything!

Prasanta Sarma says:

That was really helpful. Surely learned something new.

Diego Hernandez says:

Excellent excellent video.

Sidehop says:

Okay, right away from the beginning I love how you just started the video & to a point. Thank you! More YouTubers need to learn from you instead of the long mundane 30+ seconds of worthless information and fancy home-made intro’s argggggh.

Benim Hikayem says:

Awasomeee bro… Good lock.

bleu obrien says:

What is the LUT you used for this video, what is it named in your luts website. Its so beautiful

Kevin Morvles says:

Good video, congrats

John Trujillo says:

speaking of motion blur, does this actually help when having “laggy” frames.. I don’t remember how they call it when a frame does not look as cinematic as it should be because of the frames… sorry for the ignorance… Premier pro has this motion blur plug-in right? (a free one built-in)

Luis Hinojosa says:

Thank you Christian for this video. I learned a lot about editing in Premiere by you.

Fernando Christie says:

thanks men !!! <3 <3 <3

Rama McDevilGaming says:

Wow amazing color!

Enter Tain says:

Scary as shit

Cheap Gaming Peripherals says:

love you from bosnia and herzegovnia

AM1 says:

Nice video!

chaydTV says:

Which LUT will i buy to get the CMG Canon LUT 2018

Nenad Bogoevski says:

That shakiness is painful to watch

Naif Mohammad Sharif says:

Awesome…..very helpfull

Marc Nauta says:

Hi pls help where can I download black bars.. thanks

mcayo511 says:

do you guys think an iphone 7 plus with filmic pro can capture something like this ? lmk know guys!

Roman Key says:

Thanks for the video. I’ve tried to reproduce it but faced one small issue. When I shoot in 60fps and convert them to 24 audio track is also slow down. I want to keep slow motion video with 100% sound speed sometimes. What is the best way? Add audio and video separately two times? Render 60fps then to 24 broke cuts 😐

Mickyplays Progressive House says:

Impressive, awesome, professional looking job done!

Renal XD says:

13.50 what this song?

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