How to GLITCH EFFECT your footage!! Premiere Pro Tutorial

The popular GLITCH EFFECT with Adobe Premier Pro. This is how to do it without using ANY plugins and have it done in less than 2 minutes. Also works great for a transition!
Colour Graded with my PM LUTS Pack :
The Music I use: – AMAZING for YouTubers

My Super Awesome Tactical Camera Bag :
My MAIN Camera –
My Second Backup Camera –
My FAVOURITE Lens Ever –
The Lens I am currently using right for EVERYTHING –
The Magic Canon Lens of Life –
The Mic I use –
The Boom Mic I use for Crispy Audio :
My Drone –
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The stabilizer I use with iPhone :
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Scott Troxel says:

Smashing so many of these like buttons on your videos I go through a new mouse every week. Love it! Keep ’em coming!

Jose Gollayan says:

Just installed premiere today, I’m a beginner and don’t know anything about premiere. Great tutorial, quick, easy to understand and simple. Subscribed.

Jack Anawar says:

Mate, u are great… u make technical stuff sounds so simple… thx man… keep it up

Brian Sapp says:

I’ve been doing video for 20+ years. And I still learn something everyday. I have a very basic editing software, but I can see how to apply it.

Ryan Bowles says:

Tight tip brother! You the man

Professional Amatuer says:

I am going to use this in my videos FOR SURE. Ill credit you 🙂

Itchenphotography says:

Great two min video Peter – can you do some of these tutorials for Apples Final Cut as well?…. Or is that a bad word? haha.. Cheers

DJonMax says:

woah! repeat: woah!!

Peter McKinnon says:

What would YOU love to see covered in upcoming #2MT videos? Comment below!

Hydrolics says:

Peter McKinnon You Are My Filming Hero

Kyle Red says:

I used glitch effect on my vlog. You guys might want to check it as well 🙂 thanks peter!

Ret3kworks Beats says:

yeah. yeah

FVproductions says:

mi piace molto l’idea di fare videotutorial di 2 minuti. chiari da apprendere.

Irate Mind says:

yasss under 3 minutes bossing !

Leo Scarnici says:

Hey man, just subscribed… wanted to say hi.

Vedia Production says:

Can somebody tell me what the “X” and “o” effects is called or where i get them at 0:02 ?

Александр Прошин says:

Hi, Peter! Thank you so much for being this helpful! Just one question: where do you take all the soundtracks from?

Visual Smugglers says:

Well, that changed my life, thank you! Just quick question where did you get the sound effect? Thanks!

Mr Haider says:

Yoooo really good and really easy and i’m a noob at this stuff. Good video

Kevin Phu says:

That’s was pretty sweet!!! Thanks Peter!!


Right on!



Jesse Bouwman says:

Do you shoot 10bit or 8bit?

Em Aye says:

Thanks man!

Kyler Auston says:

Brooo, not the sound like (that guy), I’m sure I will.. but I totally remember when you were hyped af getting to 200K subs.. dude.. you’re almost at a millie,.. it, is, insane. Keep up the fantastic work Mr. McKinnon; and if yoou’re ever out on the west coast of the U.S. (specifically SoCal region), hit ya boy up!

Avery Smith Media says:

Awesome tutorials, just discovered your channel and I love it!

BassGeek says:

Dude that’s awesome!

Akmal Udin says:

cool bro! easy to understand even in 2 minute 🙂

Deeply says:

I came here thinking that it was a video about Photoshop and then I read the title again):

derrick zonca says:

Two Minute Tuesday is the best day of the WEEK!!!

Gian von Dewitz says:

Love your channel , thanks for the work!

Jake Houglum says:

What was that sound effect that you put in there?

Alireza Avizhegan says:

peter please talk about using follow focuses and how operators work with them without looking at monitor (pro cinema cams)

Rearm Films says:

so good! love this channel

Norbert Figueroa says:

Where can I find that glitch sound effect?

Magic House Spain says:

How did u make the intro????

Ole Yaww says:

thanks senpai . its really help!

ElementProject says:

Can you a video how to create glitch effect photos?

Andrew Read says:

Love it, Pete! Can you please do a video about off camera flashes? I don’t know the first thing about strobes and setting them up and what to buy and everything else! Thanks!

Everett LeRoy says:

this is awesome

djhlasznyik says:

It is cool! Thank you Mr! 😉

ViHendri says:


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