How to SCRIBBLE Animation write-on line effects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial (No After Effects)

Learn how to create a Animated line or scribble trail right in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 using the write on effect in this tutorial.
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Tamim'sGaming/TG says:

I am gonna get a laptop and downloaded premiere pro and Sony Vegas for better vids 🙂

Justin Odisho says:

Thanks for watching! Follow me on Instagram @JustinOdisho

Raul Filho says:

Thanks man! Much easier than AE!

Tom TV says:

thank you Justin

Santiago Figueroa says:

Excellent tutorial Justin. You are a really communicator. Thank you so much.

Sun Water Flowz says:


Maxis says:

how would i track this in a shot with camera movement?

R&A Language School says:

I love your tutorials Justin!

Greenski says:

how long have you been using adobe?

Kai says:

i think you have to search for a live this is boring but great video<3

Claudia G. says:

Hey Can I do this with Cs6? Super important ! Thanks!


I don’t always surf the internet, but when I do, eyebrows!

Nicole livinglife says:


Glushe says:

thank you

Guillermo W. Tkach says:

You can also do this by making a graphic in Photoshop with the RUN deleted and in png… and the you put it on top. And you can also use opacity, to go discovering it with the beats. It’s the way i thought I’d do it in case of needing this. Moreover, the first month of my vlogs i started them with black “monday”.png and the video rolling behind. Big hug!

Pepiix says:

I have Premiere Pro CC but i cant find the effect :c Can u help me?

xVoDzz says:

Is there a way to get multiple scribbles in different places?

Jeff Casazza says:

Your videos are so useful, thank you for making them.

Jerry Zou says:

Just click on “write on” and you can drag and drop it, you dont have to move the coordinates of that white dot by changing the number.

Aleasha Love says:

lol Im just now realizing whenever I was looking up things to do in premiere that I’d always end up watching yours! New subbie, great content. so concise.

Alex Gareis says:

I see you from argetina bro!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrei Dy says:

love you dude your the best teacher here in youtube. youre the only i understand

Erik Thureson says:

Good stuff! Keep up the good work!

Hala Al Turk Official YouTube صفحه رسمی حلا الترك says:


Tal Greenfeld says:

Hey, am I the only one to find the Write-On effect impossibly slow to react?
The explanation is great (as always), but when I try to work it just takes it eternity to operate…
Anyone else running into this problem, maybe solved the mystery?

ZoRo says:

help me please
write on effect when i move the brash the white line didn’t start or i can’t pait with write on brush tnx

ZombieLegend 935 says:

So this is how Disney Channel did their Wand Trick HuH 😉

張言浦 says:

awesome !!!!!
thanks from a beginner 😀

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