How To Zoom in Premiere Pro – Adobe Premiere Zoom Tutorial

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In this Premiere Pro tutorial we’re taking a look at how to zoom in Premiere Pro. Zooming into your footage is a simple effect that you will likely use a lot in Premiere Pro. In this tutorial we show you the simple way to use scaling to achieve this effect of zooming into your clip.

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Franticc says:

I don’t have the option to drag the keyframes??

alefson oliveira says:


Jay Bacay says:

can you do a tutorial on how to do these kind of edits

not herbivore says:


time pass says:

I love motion array channel….

Delta Drones says:

Awesome! Thanks!

Galaxy Filmz TV says:

I already knew how to do this, but for those who don’t, this would be extremely helpful. Loved the video

Carlos says:

Subbed and belled, best tutorial for zoom I’ve seen. Easy to follow, cant wait to use this next.


This helped helped a ton, only video I found that covers 3-4 uses of this tool.

God Bless you bro.

official tre says:

thank you so much bro i’m going to be using it for my videos

Azim Moeini says:

so useful . thanks

Spicy Avi says:

Loved it Man!!


it could have been better

The Filipino Otaku says:

I want to know is how can you zoom in the video while keeping the video scale like in 1:23

Rajiv Sherchan says:

first comment yayyyy
i need giveaway

Magic tricks and Juggling says:

Amazing channel . Keep up the good work!!!

Tom Rob says:

Having a small problem with this , for some reason the zoom in is not happening within the markers ! The zoom in happens before the markers, no idea from where is taking that position to initiate the zoom

Olav Unknown says:

Thx, Jordan, definitely something I wanted!

Taylor Harrison Film says:

For transitions I used to use the transform fx for this but lately the fx completely crashes my projects. Have you guys had that issue at all?

Joey and Kayla says:

Simple and expert in the same video. Nice!

Saman Rashno says:

NOBODY like this from now on I MADE IT 666

飘零久 says:


Tom Rob says:

It seems the problem is that i have changed the speed of that part of the video, so if i speed up or slow down the video that affects where the zoom markers start and end.. how can i do this if i have speed up my video ?

cheesus crist says:

do i need to buy premiere pro in order for the option of position and scale?

Avi says:

THANK YOU!!! Saved MY Life!

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