Learn Adobe Premiere Pro CC In Ten Minutes (Over The Shoulder Method)

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Hi this is Gary Fong. When I was learning Adobe Premiere Pro, it took forever to put it all together smoothly, because there were so many tutorials that taught the nuts and bolts of Premiere Pro, but not how to make a movie right away.

So in this video, I’ve created a video with two video clips, one still, and a sound file so you can see exactly how to go from one task to another directly.

This is what I always wanted – to be able to watch over the shoulder of a skilled editor. Here you go!

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Jadimations says:

Finally, a no-bullshit tutorial.

XiD Legend says:

Where is the frkng CURZERRR

Stevenson Salomon says:

Is very good

Ashanti Lawrence says:

Thank you so much! Straight to the point.

The Left Lane says:

Great video. Thanks for helping out!

Puretatosquin says:

do we need to pay for this program?

Julia Pakstas says:


The asshole who just stole all your bleach says:

This is pretty helpful, I’m trying to learn Premiere and this will hopefully help me get my project in order.

Taylor Edwards says:

If I change to 1/4 resolution on my videos while I’m editing, will this cause my finished product to be in 1/4 resolution?

Md. Mobin Imtiaz Asif says:

thank you. very easy and helpful.

Al Del Rey says:

This is the tutorial I’ve been looking for. But there’s no mouse. This makes me confused.

olly olly says:

What is wrong with people ???? using expensive worthless Mac computers
You are talking too fast not explaining what you re basically clicking on

Akshay Viswajith says:

Man, I appreciate this video. Thanks, it was crisp, and I got the gist of it. Nothing more I could ask for.

C.R.I training says:

thank you

Bruno Barker says:

Thanks buddy, you’re awesome!

Fiona Hamilton says:

Can PP be used with a Macbook Air?

Known2God says:

A great informative and easy to follow video, personally I think it would have been perfect if…

a) You had showed the mouse.
b) You had used the zoom tool.
3) You had recorded it at 1080.

Anyway many thanks for sharing your tutorial, keep them coming. Regards

Michael Heider says:

Very nice – this is the best way for me to learn plus you have a great tone and voice.

Erik Thureson says:

Keep up the good work! Cheers!

Boss Entertainment says:

Very helpful , thanks

Christopher's Adventure says:

This is truly the mot useful video I have found to start learning Premiere with. I honestly cannot express how succinct this is compared to everything else I have reviewed. I’m on day one of learning and blown away with how simple you made getting started. Many thanks!

Nicolas Toppo says:

very helpful thnx a lot but how I will render it?

Delta says:

this did more then just help me i learned a whole lot it was super stressful the editing part cutting clips no biggie but i wanted to learn some other things so most definitely im gonna do this to get the hang of editing and then just go from there because im pretty sure im gonna gain the knowledge on my own to where i can become a really good editor thank you so much 🙂

OfficialNapervilleIL says:

Thank you. Had a bad case of TMI. This really cut to the chase for me.

Geo Marshall says:

Gary, thanks for posting this video of Adobe Premiere Pro. It has been very helpful.

MissPink411 says:

Best 10 mins of Turtorial I ever watched, straight and to the point more more more!

AlpHa J3 says:

Sony vegas is 10x easier in cutting, trimming and fading a video than this. I still see no reason to get adobe over vegas

Motion Pixel Films says:

Thanks so much for taking the time to make this! Very very helpful for an advanced user in FCPX. Just show me quick how to do it and I can follow along and take notes. Excellent!

Stonnie Dennis says:


Hev WulffJohn says:

So helpful for getting me started, thank you so much! 🙂

Kyle Rumer says:

Very nice video I learned a lot 🙂

Jest Magdaleno Romanillos says:

thank you 🙂

Unentitled American says:

got it.

Michael Raymond says:

Awsome tutorial my friend learned a lot keep up the good and best of luck everything else you do

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