Learn EVERYTHING about Premiere Pro | TUTORIAL

Learn EVERYTHING about Adobe Premiere Pro | TUTORIAL | ItsJackCole
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Adobe Premiere Pro Master Class | ItsJackCole

Pick A Lesson…or watch them all! 😉
1:13 Creating a Project and Walking through the Layout
5:52 Importing and Organizing Media
15:19 Creating a Sequence and Adding Clips
25:50 Basic Video Editing (Part 1)
44:50 Basic Video Editing (Part 2)
1:01:08 Tools and Shortcuts
1:11:01 Adjusting Clip Dimensions
1:23:11 Basic Titles and Graphic Templates
1:32:03 Simple Animated Titles
1:42:25 How To Save Custom Text Presets
1:46:20 Default Transitions
1:52:46 Creating Custom Transitions
2:06:11 How to use Plugin Transitions
2:10:23 The Difference Between Color Correction and Grading
2:13:44 How To Color Correct Clips
2:20:37 How To Color Grade Clips
2:25:55 How to use Custom LUTs
2:31:35 How To Use The Curves Tool
2:38:09 How To Use Vignette
2:42:18 How To Color Grading Using Adjustment Layers
2:47:23 Explaining Key frames
2:51:03 How To Adjust audio using key frames
2:58:51 Animating Text with Key frames
3:08:06 How To Use Automatic Mask Tracking
3:12:34 Use Key Frames to Improve Your Videos
3:22:24 Basic Exporting in Premiere Pro
3:27:38 How to export screenshots
3:29:45 Export Presets in Premiere Pro
3:32:29 Exporting with a Transparent Background
3:36:33 Exporting at Maximum Quality
3:38:24 Export Two Different Presets
3:44:20 Basic Speed Adjustments
3:48:50 Speed Ramps
3:55:54 Speed Ramp Transitions
4:00:48 Adding Effects
4:06:37 How To Easily Stabilize Footage
4:11:41 How To Use Green Screens in Premiere Pro
4:15:18 How To Automate Clip Placement to a Beat
4:25:50 Instantly Sync Audio and Video
4:29:32 Create a Replica VHS Look Effect
4:40:41 Course Overview
4:48:19 Skills You Will Have By Now

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Pema Tamang says:

Can I edit different format clips like 4k and FHD in same Timeline?

denis odariuc says:

Just out of interest what camera did you use to shoot tutorial? Regards

Mystery Man says:

I loved the video. BOOM!

mohamed holail says:

thank you

ahmad fauzi says:

moga jadi amal jariyah bro

MaxDeveloper says:

Subbed. You rock, man.

Danny Boy 777 says:

Oh I did subscribe to your channel

worrell media tv says:

Your the man Jack big up

Shreyas R says:

Bro is there any shortcut to add subtitles to 14 min short film?

Alexious says:

Which version of Adobe Premiere are you using in this tutorial ? 12 or 13 ?

deborah terry says:

Wow! First I want to thank you so much for taking the time to do this video and providing us with so much information. You are so awesome! I’m a photographer for about 25 years and now semi-beginner to video and Premiere. I was on the train yesterday leaving NY heading to DC (3hr 45mins) ride watching (Learn EVERYTHING about Premiere Pro | TUTORIAL). I also have a short attention span, your lessons were so interesting I never got bored. I sill have several hours to go — I’m ok with that.☺️ I learned A LOT, but feel I should watch the entire video again because of the abundance of information you have shared. Again, Big Thanks!

dakota smith says:

Thank you so much for this. This stuff almost seemed like rocket science before, kinda discouraging. Gives me a whole new perspective.

Kumquatz says:

ay you’re class for giving this away for free bro. appriciation <3

Ty Livingston says:

Hey Jack,
I’m making videos about YOUR CONTENT documenting my progression from total beginner to whatever I’m like in 30 days. Here’s my first video:


Hope to be in touch. Peace man thank for making dope shit

Jason Films says:

Such a great tutorial

Team ILP says:

hey err…. i wrote a comment 1 week ago and you didnt answer….. could you pls answer my question cause dont know about anything so it would help me 🙂

eateam28 says:

where could we download exercise videos? 🙂

Nimmy Vlogs says:

great help

The MX Guru says:

I’m going to attempt to work my way through this entire video.

Danny Boy 777 says:

Dude I just started my new cop watch channel on youtube my friend was s supposed to help me with editing but he had to leave out of state and cannot help me at this time I just uploaded my 1st video and now my friend whos experiencing problems is not around to help me keep the flow on YouTbe. Super thanks for this video wow !  I appreciate you bigtime. Oh if anyone wants to check out my new channel its called” Seeking Justice News ” on youtube COPWATCH CHANNEL Kind of like the show COPS lol check me out guys

vireak ho says:

good video!

Nimmy Vlogs says:

great help

ibrahim seruwagi says:


verdugo 1080 says:

Thank you so much..please i need the name of the tracks used in this video

Osahon Ibiezugbe says:

Hey bro…. My laptop cant run premiere pro…. Can you do a hitfilm tutorial please?

Donald Ejidoh says:

Awesome! Just what i wanted!

Mohamed Ali Mansour says:

And BOOM! You made my day!

RAY ROD says:

This is super awesome of you. I have a bad habit of doing ALL of my editing and composting inside of AE. Finally decided to refresh my premiere skills and BOOM, you drop this. THANK YOU.

CzechTheKillcam says:

I love this vid

Joselito Paz says:

Just got premiere, can’t wait to binge this video sometime this weekend

dodadew1 says:

holy Shhh. repetative!! sweat this video could have half the length

Yash Gutgutia says:

HEY WHATSUP GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rahul verma says:

HI Jack, I wanted to understand one concept from you. In the DJ clips although the frame rate was 24 fps those seem to be in slow motion. Can you let me know how it was done?

Robi Mesfen says:

Soo nice bro i like it keep it up.

Cabdimajiid ahmed says:


M Torrey says:

You’re super dope for dropping this extensive tutorial! I watched a couple of the “learn premiere pro in 20 or 30 minutes” videos but so glad I stumbled across your video because you REALLY went into a lot of the things someone new to this program would need to know. I’ve never used it before but after watching every minute of your tutorial, I know I’m ready to take it on. Thanks homie!

Harsimar preet singh says:

Man appreciate your work..thanks for providing gold tutorials ♥️

denis odariuc says:

What a brilliant video . Thank you!!!

Achita's ashoK says:

5 hrs of gold

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