Learn Premiere Pro 2018 in 11 Minutes!

Editing tutorial for beginners using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018.
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leanderdigerud says:

How to write a description for your short film?
Many short film contest wants you to describe what your film is all bout. How do you write an engaging description which doesn’t reveal too much?

Wayne Hill says:

Hey @D4Darious How do you sync external audio with camera audio in this version? Everytime I simply click synchronize​ the external audio disappears. Please help.

Von McKnelly says:

Thanks Mr. D…..ooh-rah!

Stephen Majors says:

At minute 3:16 you show how to expand the workspace to view the waveform better. You used to be able to roll the wheel on the mouse to do the same operation, no click required. Is there a way to turn that option back on?

Kurdman Pouyesh says:

I have learned from you, more than my teachers. Pleeeeaaase do a video on sound. Specially scenes with music, sfx and dialougues, all together at the same time. And how to make dialogues pop, compared to other sounds.

Felipe Olvera says:

Could you do a video on work flow and efficient organization of files?

Kev's Hacks says:

Right mouse click and scale to fit frame is a easier way to blow up lower res images 🙂

George Kenner says:

To think I waisted all these years, lol… you are genius. If you were in San Diego I would totally take you to lunch. Thank you!

Ashish Nath says:

And which version of Microsoft windows? Please reply

Basic Filmmaker says:

LMAO!! Best tut ever — “We got a navigation bar at the bottom, play with the buttons, you’ll figure out what they do…we’re not going through all of them.” This was totally excellent man! 🙂

Sniper_Kid_308 says:

You and surfaced studio are the most entertaining cinematography channels that still teach everyone a lot. Thanks for making such awesome and helpful videos. I learned a lot about framing and editing from you. If you want to see a video that i used lots of stuff you taught me as well as surfaced studio, here is a link

Just Living Life says:

This was very helpful! Thank you!!

The best of Lay Lay says:

Hes the uncle of my Friend Destiny Britt

Sio' says:

Thank you so much, Darious!!! Keep it up!!! 🙂

João Guilherme says:

Pretty good actually, useful introduction to the topic of editing on this software. Thanks for your good work. I’m trying to keep up with your tips.

DJ David says:

Bro this video is awesome!

Mohammad Movahed says:

dude,you rock!!!


Final cut or premier?

Mutupo Africa says:

D-Britt. This has been the best edit tutorial I’ve seen. Explained simply & easy to understand. Ta Gov’nor.

C-WILL OnTheClouds Photography Photo Story's says:

I love the info you share with us fam. I HAVE A T3i and a T5i but don’t have a laptop good enuff for permire pro do you have any advice

Eric Paul Goldie says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you again and again!

Slim Steven Solo Danerd says:

Thanks man, was wondering when you gonna do one on Premier. Really informative.

Ezequiel Pereyra says:

i have been using premiere for a million years and i didnt know about the double click on transitions omg XD

Mychal Simmons says:


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