LEARN PREMIERE PRO IN 13 MINUTES! Basics tutorial for beginners

This is a beginners guide to learn working with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017.

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In this tutorial I’ll go through the following subjects:
1. Starting a new project
2. Control panels of premiere
3. Making a new sequence
4.Applying transitions between clips
5.Creating titles
6. Explaining some available tools
7. Effects (Fast color correction)
8. Key frames
9. Adjustment layers
10.Audio and music
11. Exporting and rendering to mp4 file

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Credits for the free footage to Beachside B-Roll
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Vanna It says:

Great tutorial!!! Can I have the link to the short video clips? I want to practice editing myself. Thanks!

Hazy Daze says:

hey i am new to youtube and i am trying to be a fashion stylist, if y’all have a minute check out my channel and sub if you want to see some softcore p*rn. lmao jk not really

Michael Waldron says:

Hi. What programme are you using to capture the footage on your screen?

John Björlin says:

What if the “Title” option doesn’t exist in the “New Item” scroll-window?

MerlinC90 says:

is there a way you can do color grading into a cinematic look i’ve been looking at videos for days but none of them seem to help me out,i seem to get stuck most of the time because my computer doesnt allow me to do some functions

BillyVisions says:

good explaining the basics

Austin Ritter says:

How did you make your intro?

Mark Bolton says:

As a beginner to video editing I’ve watched a lot of You Tube tutorials. Yours is by far the best and easiest to understand. Thank you so much 🙂

Ali Divided says:

Great video with great Aaowdio 😀

Franklin Israel says:

Awesome basic explanation. Thank you Orange83

Doorbiz Heetesh says:

Thank you sir. 😀

The Universe EZ video says:

COOL!!! +++1597

Dude Decent says:

How do you get the footage that you used in the video?

harsh kumar says:

really good tutorial

Faith McCoy says:


Belenyer77 says:

Great video totally got me started on what i wanted to do, I onle have the trial version of APr but i found it fun to learn and the way you made this tutorial and how you explained it is awesome thank you very much i subcribed to your channel

KellylovesAnime says:

I got an question. I download this on my computer but i cant make any title… When i click on ”New item” Than i dont see ”Title” Can you please help me?

Pranab Sen says:

vry nice video…thanks for sharing the information … its was really good

himanshu gule says:

simple and good

Ricardo T says:

I have seen many tutorials, but this one by far is the best I have ever seen, it is accurate, does not show things that you should not know, therefore it is great. Thanks

Captaincarrot 25 says:

Can you add audio to animations with this

Deepjyoti Ghosh says:

thanks man.

abood nabulsi says:

amazing video thanks

Absolute Plumbing says:

I don’t have timeline. How do I get it on the screen. It’s bugging me. I have a source screen.

jessanista says:

i like yout accent

Harshavardhan Bhat says:

I was reading the user’s guide when I came across this tutorial. It inspired me so much that I started editing straight away a15 mins test documentary. Every Adobe Premiere CC beginner should watch this tutorial and start editing.

birdiegirl1998 says:

This is a great tutorial! I’m switching from Vegas to Premiere and this covered all the basics, thank you!

shakhawot hossen says:

Bro after editing my videos output name show in videos. please tell me anyone how to off this thing. plz plz plz

Dj Nenic says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial, helped a lot!

OceanZ says:

ty, very helpful

Vani De Licious says:

Good job! Your video makes premiere pro really easy to understand. Thank you!!!

Orange83 says:

To celebrate 20K subscribers you can now get 20% discount temporarily on a Premiere Pro CC subscription. Use this affiliated link to support me and get 20% discount on Adobe Premiere Pro CC. http://bit.ly/2rXo6PH

Caleb Pestal says:

This is by far the best one pass-overview of Adobe Premiere Pro I have seen. Orange, keep killing it man. Also thanks for the discount… I was going to buy something like elements or whatnot just because I didn’t think I could afford Premiere however with the discount I think I can make it a viable purchase. Again, thanks so much man, I love how you keep things very simple despite being very thorough.

Sentinel Pro says:


J B says:

learning from eastern European accent is kinda relaxing lmao

Tim B says:

Really useful and well-presented video. Thanks very much!

Sripathi Dhananjaya says:

Good one…

Kaye Mariano says:

too fast!!!

John Björlin says:

Such a struggle to get used to Adobe Premiere… been using Sony Vegas all the time until now.. so annoying when you don’t know how to perform all these simple functions… really don’t like the workspace window yet… xD But after a while I assume I get used to it.. but man it’s annoying atm.

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