Make your footage look Cinematic FAST! Premiere Pro Tutorial

This is how to create more cinematic / Hollywood looking footage with some easy tips on colour correction and a little bit of sound design.

This tutorial outlines some basics in colour grading within Premiere Pro without having to use third party plug-ins. As a bonus, you’ll learn how sound effects and music can dramatically change the look and feel of your footage.

You can also check out my LUT Pack for more colour grading and a tutorial here :

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GoPro Bro says:

Do you have a tutorial on the white outline you did several times in the video?

Jordan Rowe says:

Anyone want to let me know where to get sound effects?

Matt Neil says:

Absolutely love your videos, and you’re a big inspiration. Keep it up!

The Film Creator says:

Can you make a tutorial on how you organize all the videos you make on a hardrive?

JordanJeeChannelTV says:

I’m a simple man. I saw good video then I press Like. This such a good explanation and a very detailed tutorials video!

Stardust Mine says:

excellent, absolutely amazing video!! THANK YOU!! Really appreciate it!

Casey Saibo says:

How to make your video like Peter McKinnon

gabriel ferreira says:

I already watched all of your vids what am i going do now? lets go take photos xd

Maquineros CNC says:

you can add only video picking the clip icon behaind the prev. window

Bass Nerds says:

Very useful.

kinetickai008 says:

Thank you sir for creating all these educational but free videos I will make full use it. Much thanks once again and have a great day or night when ever you see this. 🙂

Chris Herzan says:

Hey can you post how make fighting scenes and and punch people without actually punching them?

Zeke L S says:

I’m totally gonna use this for lightroom edits. Nice work Pete.

joni boni says:

Do you know where I find it in cs6?

Peter McKinnon says:

Drop a comment of what else you’d like to see in future tutorials!

The Hawks Flock! says:

This was so flipping helpful

Kush RB live says:

Which app u used in mac plz tell me buddy

Anthony Davis says:

How right you are! Do as much in camera so not to “cake” it on in post. Movies now look so fake too much color grading. Tutorial footage looks natural and pleasing and would work for all types of movies.

Maisen says:

I need some help! I want to get a editing software for editing, but I don’t know which one! I want to buy the software in one buy without having to pay every month. Final Cut Pro x might be what I’m looking for, I just don’t know really. Help, please!

Blaze says:

I think Peter is the first youtuber that I kept watching for straight 3 days from the first video I watched.

Student Vlogs - Dylan says:

this is amazing thank you so much

Laura David says:

I wouldn’t expect such color options on Adobe Premiere ! I work a lot with Photoshop and I want to learn a few videos skills, I’m so excited to learn so much from your awesome videos !

Jahid hassan says:

Thanks man 🙂

Gerri Graham says:

I am obsessed with your videos. Awesome. Thank you so much.

Soundmasters says:

7:40 You were about to say “DROP THAT DURK DU DURK”

Zoel.artcoms says:


Shanil Pillai says:

Audio tutorials please!!!

DevUltraa says:


Mohammed Alhadifi says:

One problem about the clips that you mashed in this video were actually different temperatures which creates this odd feel also there were some quick transitions from a dark scene to a light scene that makes it more odd. Just my opinion

Francisco Power says:

The title is not clickbait! I followed your advise and my footage got a much much better look! Thank you, it was really helpfull!

монти эммануэль says:

What is the name of the music at the end of this video?

Mariah MJ Sellers says:

You’d make a great Photography College teacher!

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