MIDDLE of TRAFFIC like Kendrick Lamar (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

https://cinecom.info/Stanza – Learn how to place yourself in the middle of a busy intersection, surrounded by cars, in Adobe Premiere Pro. This tutorial is inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s music video King’s Dead.

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Can u make backgrounds like filmriot when he will tell speech…

Red Light says:

Let him staaay hahaha

DarkVideoCZ says:

Amazing 🙂 als ever 😀


awesome tutorial I think I want to try this by the way I use the turtle tutorial from the up and up Coldplay video on my last music video on my YouTube channel you should check it out and let me know what you think thanks oh yeah that video is called Wasteland Paradise

TWEAK says:

nice vid

Ita Tsai says:

Hey cinecom, I want to start filming on my own but I don’t have my own camera. Are there any beginner DSLRs that you could recommend that aren’t too expensive?

CristianMatre says:

make a video of “all the stars” video effects

Oye Welley says:

its soo good.

arcetor says:

Ik ben belg

Uniday Studio says:

Amazing video! 😀

I.sako.13 says:

Can you guys make an effect from “bazzi-mine” clip?

lehlohonolo Papo says:

lorenzo’s cool

Joseph Okuwa says:

Lenarr Young is in the suggested videos when he shows the music video

Zapera says:

Awesome!!! Big like bro!

Cristobal Ech says:

Damnnn that intro was epic

william says:

this tutorial is really nice <3

Shahriyar Mustafiz says:

lol that ending of the clip xD

Canberk SEZER says:

I wish you to make a video about the music video of all the stars are closer.

Jay Malone says:

Brilliant!!!! You guys always blow my mind!

VlzHyPnOtIzTzlV says:

can you guys show how to do the effect on all the stars kendrick lamar, sza where she dances in the field of stars

phil995511 - says:

Good achievement, but he can not manage correctly the shadows…

Ekramoul Haque says:

1:34 off white

unclegramps says:

part of me believed it was a crew just driving very very carefully around him

Cissrawk says:


Nojus1113 says:

You needed to make him get hit by a car xD

자기peachyjimin says:

Can y’all produce my music videos lmao

TheMinecraftDuos911 says:

Didn’t captain disillusion do something like this? Except with after effects

Ǥāgā ŁƗttŁē moƞƨƭēƦ says:

Thanks for the very useful tutorial!

J-Vlogger says:

Someone knows where to buy this green screen?

Angelo Kadusale says:

Great creative technique 😀 I hope Yannick’s well BTW

FamousVisualFilms says:

Nice work @Cinecom
Thanks for the awesome tips and more grace to you and your team elbow.
Your #1 fan from Nigeria… Thumps Up

مختار الفراس Mukhtar Alfuras I says:


Anshul Gautam says:

Jordy I have a problem my after effect cc is not running well yesterday I render 14 sec clip at 60fps it takes so much time and rendered storage was 2.6 gb what I do to make it faster and to perfect render and that video clip isn’t run plz help many of us face this problem

Daniel Nedeliaj says:

wow that was epic thank guys for help

Ritch Ncube says:

Always informative! Like your tuts…stay creative

BaBuinBlog says:

Really cool!

FI TUBE says:


Daniel Chriis says:


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