Premiere Pro CC 2017 – Full Tutorial for Beginners [COMPLETE]* – 15 MINS!

[VOICE + TEXT] ***THANKS FOR 1700 LIKES!!*** Get into a new Way of Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CC Release 2017. Premiere Pro CC 2017 tutorial for beginners, getting started, basics.
Full Guide here:
Enable SUBTITLES if you have trouble at understanding the narration. Leave feedback if you can!

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Mehmet çetin says:

Thank u so much bro !

Jorg Schulz says:

Overall an interesting quick summary. Voice of narrator is a bit like “Goofy” which took a while to get used to before I concentrated on content rather than the funny voice. Good effort.

Green Strqfe says:

Thx, though my premiere is laggy af so i cant do shit

Holac Studio says:

Thnk you a lot

Racharina says:


AiraZWorld97 says:

thank goodness goofy finally thought me how to edit video.

Blue Marble Productions says:

great vid … very helpful

BearCrew says:

Thanks Goofy 🙂

R.J.S Photography says:

The latest update does not have a TITLES feature in the menu ber…it has vanished!

Carl Bicknell says:

bai – well done. Nice helpful overview! I’d love to see you do a video on source patching etc.

Levante Music says:

wiz can su k on this

Sara Jenner says:

Glad I didn’t let the voice put me off as I found the tutorial valuable. Actually, in the end, I became quite fond of Goofy!

SnS films says:

this video help lot ,i am new comer and i use little bit adobe premiere pro cs5,5 before ,i made movie of 2 hours ,,my editor left movie between ,,i am trying to learn on my own , i am making commercial movie ,,

Richard Grahn says:

My audio effects are obsolete. Why is this and how do I fix it?

Awesomeness XD says:

Get the song baí baí

Bumat 04 says:


Kay Aureal says:

I don’t have titles at the top of my page did they change this?

NiqTV says:

Where are all the shapes at in the 2017 verso ????

Cynthia Baiguini says:

Nice video, but please help me to understand one thing! When I exported my clips from my external hardisk, why after a few hours the are gone for ever? What is wrong? So should I import my clips in a new folder maybe? Help help help please!!!!!! Ps: Sorry for my poor English, I’m still learning. thank you!!!

Erik Thureson says:

Good stuff! Keep up the good work!

Babak N.I says:

Adobe Premiere! always full of unknown errors and needs terabytes of HDD and hundreds of RAMs and a very long life to render effects!!!!!

Pillows Fighter says:

I’m ready to upload a real video now.
Check my channel guys.

Moaz El-sawaf says:

Thanks a lot, simple tutorial and great voice <3

Huddy says:


NALU says:

Hi. This video was good. Can you please do a full tutorial on advanced editing for special effects with both visual and audio in terms of fancy transitions and stuff. Im a beginner for Premier Pro but I want to learn how to do videos like this…

Adam Halabi says:

you can start a new project by going to new project!
thank you you saved my day sir!

Cam says:

Please say “Mickey!” in you of your videos…

Mathias Svacina says:



how i download this software plese help me .

Kham Li says:

It help me a lot Thanks

Twaddle says:

Was this narrated by a cartoon bear

Susan Kranyik says:

Thank God for this. No way in Hell could I have figured this out on my own. Thank you.

Rose Eva says:


Sam Spielberg says:

Sounds like Goofy

Abhi Mithani says:

definitely want to learn more from you.

Tristan Freides says:

Please do more videos! This destressed me a man ton to not feeling so overwhelmed with the whole complex format.

BroMaste says:

im a youtuber i thank you for everything cause know how to make them

Colorado Video Production says:

nice job! Good tutorial!

Zor Vlogs says:

Great video, thanks very much!

Rich Wright says:

“Goofy” or not…this is a pretty good intro/overview of a fairly complicated application. Thank you!

Craycray Doge says:

can you make a tutorial on transcribing speech in adobe premiere pro CC (2017) please.

Ali Divided says:

Sounds like Larry Jordan?!!! Hmmm..

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