Premiere pro Tutorial : How to Place Text inside your video 2018*

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Gentle PSD says:

subscribe and share, Help me reach more people, Thank you for your Love. Stay Happy

Kevin Le says:

Text 3D motion tracking

Alessio Silva says:


Alhaji Sam says:


Little Toys Show says:

Nice tutorial

Manjula Karunarathna says:

Great tutorial thank you

HOM BOY pictures says:

nice mask

Nishantha Pathmasiri says:

great it

Babaji Jamuna says:

subscribe and share, Help me reach more people, Thank you for your Love. So happy


Wow!. Thanks

Gully Gang Vines says:

Buddy a tutorial on creating the pubg mobile game interface for your own shooted videos!! Just like the way people do it for san andreas and other stuffs

Ibrahim Xp sempala says:

how do you do the talk icon at da start of da video

cons says:

It does not work for me

AKJ Network says:

Nicely done

Em Aye says:


my shows says:

Thank you sir…

Morrison uwagboe says:

This is awesome…

machacha jatta says:

wooow great and empresive

aungzawmoe aungzawmoe says:

may i known sir
cs6 premiere pro video effect in pencil
plz sir

LYTE Yearz says:

At around 7:00 mark I stood up from my seat like WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS!!! LOL. Thanks for the tutorial. Great work!

Remo Designs says:


indrajit roy says:


Kb Gamer says:


Tousif Lain says:

How edit dual role ? Please reach me

alfatih shreyf says:

i liked Thank you for tutorial

yogesh gandhi says:

its nice tutorial

Subhajit Satpathi says:

Thank you so much.

J V says:

I’d like and sub if I didn’t have to listen to a robot

Bhagwant Singh says:

Mind blowing sir

lord8213 says:

thnx it was realy helpfull

Marco Kenneth says:

how do i get the software

jzone24 andkids says:

I like the you talk… Understandable speaking… Good video sir thumbssss up

Rakesh Kale says:

very knowledgeable video sir

Jhon Sitora says:

good tutor

amyl fard says:

i love it thanks good job


tnk 2 u

ITECH Multimedia says:

very nice!!

Masgareng Sucipta says:

Thank you sir

God Of Conquest AnimeFreak says:

Great vid, terrible audio.

wanji sostine says:


Turtlecave says:

Good, but did you hire Stephen Hawking to narrate it?

Tesfalem Abera says:

Thank you sir

jayprayag says:

Nice tutorial. I am learning through it. Thanks a lot!


wow excellent effect. i will try in my videos. thanks alot

Babaji Jamuna says:

New partice to app software

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