Proxy workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro

This tutorial will show you how Premiere Pro will create and attach proxies so you can work on large frame sizes on slower systems. It also covers creating custom Ingest Presets in case you find the included presets don’t fit your needs.

Note from Adobe:

The supported workflow allows Proxies with other frame sizes and combinations that are divisible by the full resolution clip (for example – 1920 x 1080 1.0 full resolution and 960 x 540 1.o PAR Proxy or 1440 x 1080 1.33 PAR Proxy), but other parameters such as fielding, frame rate, duration, and audio channels must match.

The only enforcement of matching parameters for Proxy or Full Resolution clips is for the audio channels. When there is an audio channel mismatch Premiere Pro shows an ‘Attach Failure’ dialog. If you dismiss this dialog, it takes you back to the Attach dialog to choose a clip with matching audio channels. If the other parameters do not match between Full resolution and Proxy: frame rate, duration, fielding and/or non-divisible frame size/PAR combination, then these are allowed with no warning and result in several issues.

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Kevin Antonow Videoproduktion says:

Do you have a solution for working with different frame rates yet? I shoot my hi speed clips in 120 fps but my normal clips in 24 fps. – When using a proxy all of those files will be converted to just 1 frame rate. That means I can’t preview any slowmotion do I?

CleClark says:

This video saved my life… Thank you.

(Was multi-caming a wedding and couldn’t for the life of me find out how to fix the third choppy camera)

Peter Krygowski says:

First, thanks for the tutorial. Second, so do I need to sync all my audio in 4k first and then do the proxy? And second, I noticed you are simply in clips directly from your media browser. Does anything change if one uses “import”?

Meca says:

I really appreciate the time you take To Do this kind of tutorial it help me lot nobody can explain like the way you do question it is faster to work using proxies it is faster to render ?? Thank you

Jalgo Films says:

pls helpp!! I made proxies for all my 4k clips and chose the lowest quality and my comp still is so laggy and i cant even work! Can you help?

GBatB says:

Thanks, Colin. Another Useful tutorial. So far I’ve been working in xavc files, but I’m planning to test working in 4K. Once I’ve copied over my files from the SD card, I don’t actually import the whole clip into my project, but I find the piece of action I need on the clip using media browser and import that. Will Proxis work with that type of work flow or do I have to import the full clip for the proxi to apply? Graham

Shane McCusker says:

Really great tutorial. Well-paced, simple but to the point. Easy to work alongside, thank you!

Tony Castle says:

By far the best explanation of proxys

Scott Wilson says:

Colin, your videos have been an amazing resource for me. You’re an absolutely outstanding teacher. Thank you so much!

1 Nation says:

How do you export using offline proxy

Jerry Roe says:

Hey Colin, Great tutorial… how do I delete old projects that I am finished with. I have my original video/audio files on a raid setup and my media cache and scratch files on another drive. Premiere Pro app is on C drive.

Zach Blackburn says:

So if you’re editing in a 1280X720 timeline using a proxy, how do you render out the video in 4K? And if you’re using scaling, won’t it throw everything off for the clip if you’re editing in HD, scale up, then render out the video in 4K. Won’t the dimensions be completely wrong for the final product?

ilham BARKHUDAR says:


Wojciech Waszkiewicz says:

Thanks a lot!
assume i got 4k clip and i made proxy in full hd, what about export? do i have to switch it to native size first or leave it as proxy?

Juan dela Cruz says:

Hi Colin. My priority is external audio with off camera mic over the use of proxies. Since use proxy does not allow use of external synced mic how would you say be the situation with regular 4K editing without proxies compared to use of proxies in terms of speed and ease? What would then be the minimum system requirements of the computer?

Jasbir Singh says:

and can we install proress codec in adobe encore cc 2018

Stan Arthur says:

Apparently, the proxy workflow does not yet support 4K RAW workflows such as CinemaDNG 4000×2160. To do so would require a new ingest preset. I tried to create and import one that was 1333×720 GoPro Cineform but was told that it’s not supported. Using a standard 16:9 preset such as 1280×720 causes a bad shift in aspect ratio when the proxy button is pushed. That doesn’t work for me.

Ed Rakel says:

Hi Colin, great video. Are there any videos on using proxies in a multi camera edit. Thanks

Matthew Morris says:

I think the issue of audio not syncing with the footage has been fixed. I did audio synchronization on 1024×540 proxies and they worked fine- exported in full 4K with the proper audio and resolution.

Jamie Paolinetti Writer/Director says:

Thank you! I have a question I can’t seem to find an answer for related to proxy workflow with RED 8k footage. I was instructed to use the proxy workflow and now the film is edited, (a feature) I set the proxy’s up through the ingest setting upon importing footage as RED suggested, so now to color grade is there a way to view the raw files and not the QuickTime Pro res 422 we used for the proxys?

Hector ascanio says:

Thanks, very useful

Nour Zakor says:

thanks for sharing this valuable informations with us, there is one thing that is confusing me, lets say i have shot some clips in 4K 30FPS and i would like to make a proxy files out of them and then make a slow motion in my main sequence that is running under 24FPS, how can i do that? in this video you are interpreting the whole clips and making them 24FPS, but i would like to keep the original frame-rate of the clip after making a proxy files.

M V says:

Hi, my proxies keep showing up offline, I’v tried all of the different codecs to transcode, and it still all offline. Any suggestions?

Zen Ocean says:

Hi there, I absolutely love the vids that you post. Very very helpful thank you. Wondering if you know how to export the INDIVIDUAL CLIPS USED IN A TIMELINE with say 5 seccond handles (Idealy into a folder, separate from the original source files)? Thank you very much 🙂

sftimecap says:

cool vid, I learned something important, thanks

Photo Republic says:

So Cool Thank you Colin

Parsian Productions says:

Colin, thank you very much for the tutorial, you’re a very knowledgeable man, I wouldn’t be able to do this by my own. There’s other videos about proxies online but none of them explained how to deal with different ratios, thank you! I was working with 4.5k WS from Red

zsolteditor says:

an advice, use the Izotope RX6 for denoise. 🙂 great job on the video


Hi Colin, this video has been really useful to me as I learn about editing drone footage. Many thanks!!! I am having some trouble with my 60fps shots, the idea is that I can drop it into a 29.97fps sequence and it should playback slow and smooth. I want to drop in a batch of clips into a sequence and have them line up rather than adjust the velocity and screw up the alignment. So I set the frame rate right clicking in project window, modify, interpret footage but now the proxies do not align with the non conmuted originals. Is there a simple fix to this? Much appreciated!!!

Canberk SEZER says:

Nice explanation, thanks.

Romina Rey says:

Hello. Thank you so much for all your tutorials!! I was just wondering if there is a work around to working with proxies with external audio. Is there a way to sync the proxies/master clips with out merging so that the proxy will still function on playback with the newly synced clip?
Thanks for your time!

Haroun Ben says:

Thank you! Can I stabilize the footage on the proxy and have the results on the originals?

GodZi says:

Thank you, you get one more subscriber! Great video!

Daniel Hare says:

So if you have 4k video files that you create 720 proxies with, what is the timeline settings? lets say you want everything to export at you initially create a 1080 timeline before everything?

Juan dela Cruz says:

Hi Colin. Just a follow-up on my query. In scale of 1-10 how who would you compare the use of proxy to regular or non-proxy in terms of speed and ease of use, all other things equal? Thank you.

PG Tips says:

Hi, when I use proxies the source video is ok and so is the proxy video but when I attach them and toggle proxy on the proxy video appears upside down? How can I fix this?

Rakesh Kale says:

Sir i am little confuse here about proxy and original footage because i use always original footage. so what i do now , can i use footage only or i have to learn about proxy. what is the meaning of proxy and that is also footage we can export from timeline, can i export proxy file for better and final output or i have to link proxy with original footage please explain me Sir

my mail id is


m.i.u.x says:

Hi Colin! I have a really big problem with my 120fps DJI drone footage proxies. The proxies doesn’t work as they should – the time line of the proxies doesn’t mach with the original videos and that makes it impossible to edit. For some reason the fist half of the proxy is faster version of the original and the second half of the proxy is only showing the last frame only. I’ve tried to do many things ,but I cant start editing the video because the proxies doesn’t work. Do you have any ideas why this is happening and is there any way to fix the proxies or go around it?

Nick Kucic says:

nice couch.. do you sit on it often?

Karthika UJ says:

+VideoRevealed. Your channel is a saver!!! So glad i found it. Question about proxies. I made proxies and in the Project’s metadata display un der Proxy column I see its mentioned as ‘Attached’. Now when I drag a clip and add it to the timeline, it still says the original name and _proxy. Does it mean I am still working with original file? Because when I play the clip it still seems to be choppy at places.

Cameron Versluis says:

This tutorial was super helpful and I love your energy and way of explaining things – easy to understand but fast enough that I feel like I’m learning at an efficient speed, haha. Thanks so much!

Millennials Guide to the Galaxy says:

When I export I’m not able to open the clip makes it a MPEG file and doesn’t open what do I do to fix it?

d4bk says:

no sound? :-/

manTa Beats says:

Can you elaborate on not being able to use interchange options with proxies? I’m trying to setup a feature film workflow, should I not make proxies? What’s the best way to go about this that won’t screw me over when handing off to mix, color, etc?

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