Slick Walk By Transition Effect – Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial (Custom Wipe & Reveal with Masking)

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Learn how to create a smooth custom mask transition using objects that walk by and obscure or block the camera in this Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 Tutorial!


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Nick Hoyle says:

Hey Justin, I have tried this but using 2 masks on the same clip (top and bottom of the object) but when I invert one the other one wont black out or vice versa. Any ideas?

kela2812 says:


Benjamin Viquez says:

in these times we’re everybody wants to make 10-15 min videos and be the star of the show, you keep it simple straight to the point, brief, thats why i love it. keep it like that J

SystemCoded says:

Wait… are you Justin the Oreo?

Eyes Speak says:

125 dislikes were Shortcut users :’D

Daniel Gutierrez says:

Great Tutorial! Thank you


Your soo amazing! Im a big fan of yours.

Paloma riera says:

hey! your video is so interesting. i was trying to do it but i realized that for my video i needed to make 2 masks at the same time, so i was wondering if it was possible. thanks!

simon gentry says:

JO thank you!

arash pirzahiri says:

I really wanted to learn this effect and I learn it from you tnx a lot it worked very well…

Glazed Aerials says:

Casey Neistat makes it look so simple lol

EO2 tullegutta says:


Xulian Silva says:

Hi Justin, Thanks for the great tutorial. I have used your tutorial a few times, once every few months and my masks have worked well. Today I am encountering 2 new problems: 1. The mask does not match where I have drawn. Feathering and Mask Expansion are set to zero but it is not matching (it is much bigger). Any idea of the solution? 2. The mask continues even where there are no keyframes, to times I don´t want. I have just drawn outside of the borders for this.

24FrameFilms says:

how to i set a point off of the video the pen tool doesnt let me click outside of the video (where it is grey) only where the video is PLEASE HELP?

(edit) All i had to do was set the video scale to zoom out a bit

zVame zVame says:


MiDou says:

u dont know how much i love u man <3

Charly NamNam says:

Don’t work with me ! My transition don’t follow the mask…i tried 7 times !…

RGMG says:

Hi Justin, gave you a shout out on my YouTube Channel since I followed your tutorial and found it very useful for my own video editing. Used the ‘Walk Through’ transition in my most recent video and in turn left a link for others to find your video. Thanks for the great tutorial!

Midhunraj S says:

bro ,i am not getting this method to effect on my premiere pro cc 2015.what shall i do

Richard Puzzitiello says:

Been Filming some clips with the intention of using this transition. Thanks for teaching!

Jhae Mallari says:

It doesnt follow the mask frame when I click track forward mask frame 🙁

Anish Samtani says:

Thanks a ton Justin! I used this for a project today. Super cool transition. Surprisingly didn’t take much time to create.

JT Williams says:

Thanks! Big help!!!

Kevin Shabastari says:

You make the best premiere pro tutorials! GREAT job…

BabyG says:

oh…my…god….that is awesome!

Love To Learn says:

Ooooo excited! Just learned a tip I didn’t know…so simple…(arrow keys) Thanks!!!!! Didn’t know they moved the video:)))… watching the rest now….:) (what I actually came for

Gary Rosario says:

thankyou justin

Matt Faris says:

Thanks for all of these tutorials Justin. Learning loads from them man!!! Really are the top tuts on YouTube.

Adnan A says:

Simple and to the point!

JearbearChen says:

Hey! Had a quick question. I followed all the steps but when I connected the points at 1:55 there it did not mask the layer. Are there any suggestions or quick fix for this?

All Around Jay says:

Awesome video

DuDe - Clash Royale says:

Why i cant find this pen tool anywhere?

Artiphilia says:

I am not getting the outline

Spartan2205 says:

rather you could just use the roto tool in after effects and do it in 2 minutes

Martin Peters says:

Perfect! Thanks 🙂

BELLON says:

Awesome video, so easy to follow and understand!

the bubbles says:

I work in Aftereffects but this is really useful

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