SMOOTH SLOW MOTION tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro (NO plug-ins required!)

How to create smooth slow motions in Adobe Premiere pro cc 2017. NO plug-ins required!

We are going to do this with time remapping and time interpolation in Adobe Premiere pro. In time Interpolation we using the Optical Flow option to create a smooth slow motion.

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Forest. says:

this video is very helpful. Thank you!!

AGlan says:

Nice video! Thank you!

Minh Nguyen says:

BUT audio is not sync

Zebra says:

This was over a year ago, but I love you so much, my god! This was so helpful!

Don Quixote says:

thank you!

Stitch 'n Tell says:

Very helpful ! Thank you

jyotin singh says:

Hi There,
There is this question that has been troubling me for some time.

Let’s say I shoot my videos at 120 fps because I later want to slow-mo some parts.

1. What should be the sequence setting to import to in premiere pro? Should I create a 24 fps timeline or create a 120 fps timeline?

2. what timeline fps should I use if I only want to convert a part of the video into slow but keep the rest at normal speed. (for eg a chase scene where the protagonist is running (normal speed) and then he jumps( i need the jump to be in slo-mo) and then he lands and runs again (again normal speed).

If i use a 24fps timeline, but import a 120 fps video and do not change the entire thing to 24fps (as i dint want the entire video slomo), and use time remapping to slow a certain portion of my video down, will that make rest of video choppy?

Lastly, what if i create a timeline of 120fps and import a video of 120 fps, but use time remapping to slow a certain part down, does that work or will cause errors?

Durgesh Kshirsagar says:

Please make a video on fast motion. Also if you cover something like frame rates and other fundamentals then that will be icing on the cake or orange on the cake.

Immanuel Sam says:

I’ve watched a lot of premier pro tutorials and this I say is the best… I’ve understood what I’ve been looking for.. Thank You

ashwin nagar says:

my audio is unlinked to the video and goes out of sync.. plz help



Radek Bączkowski says:

but what about audio speed?? it stays normal..

ꦢꦤꦶꦪꦺꦭ꧀ says:


J.Lo says:


Name Watcher says:

you saved my career

Le Mack says:

Doesn’t work well for certain footage. You get this crystalising of the image. It fragments during the slow motion. Sucks because it seemed like a simple solution for slow-mo.

LanceTV says:

Thank you but how do i match the audio to be with the new slow motion footage?

hemanth guduru says:

thank you


really helpful

Jojas Gaming says:

Thanks mate. You totally fucked up my playback with the stupid sequence settings and now everythings zoomed in

Magnum Opus - Top Cover says:

Nice tips! Can’t wait to try it on my videos 🙂



Dmitry Shuk says:

Fideo? Really? 6 minutes of nothing

Dedy Syahril says:

Congratulation on your 100k+ subs. I wonder how to include the sound in slow motion since in your video, the timeline only stretched on the video line while the audio line remained the same. Thanks

Ojas Sharma says:

Nice video!!

Chris Longliveenduro says:

Nice but you don’t talk about audio out of sync

Venkat Iyengar says:

Dit was echt gewelding, hartstikke bedankt! Woon je nog in Nederland? 🙂

Orange83 says:

When I made this video on Jan 29, 2017 I had 137 subscribers… *Thanks all for the great support in the last 6 months!!!*

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Aaron cripplefoot says:

This was very helpful

Michael R Conner says:

Thank you yet again. This helps so so much. Mike from New Zealand.

nave bergman says:


Krishnendu Kes says:

Great video. Thank you.

Mainer Media says:

I followed your instructions but the video was still choppy. Anyone know why that might be?

Real Gaming says:

great video man, help me a lot
thank you 🙂

Marcia Calderon says:


Saligator says:


Sultan Valentiano says:

That’s helping me bro, thanks very much

İbrahim Çağlayan says:

spectacular expression, thank you. i wait more tutorial

starwie says:

are you Dutch? you sound Dutch

Seek Box says:

I like it

Suraj Jung Thapa says:

Thank you so much Orange83.

Studio leniefilm says:

I cant find the Time Interpolation, help…

vy I says:

Hi!! Does anyone know how to do make the timeline wider like in 3:12 without dragging the bar down below ?

Amay Ghiloriya says:

Sir , I have 32 bit , please give me a link to download the premiere pro for free

Rajani Kshirsagar says:

Hi Admin, thanks for your superb easy tutorials about adobe products.
One thing i want to ask that can you help me to find out how to get Adobe Products (like Photoshop, Premiere pro, etc) in their latest CC 2018 versions?
Why I am asking this bcoz most of the prime features are not available in trial or basic version.
Thanks for reading.
Waiting for your reply and help.

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