Text Reveal Effect TITLE in Premiere Pro Tutorial

CREATE AND ANIMATE A REVEALING TEXT TITLE EFFECT IN PREMIERE PRO IN THIS TUTORIAL! | We’ll talk about using graphic and text objects as well as keyframe animation in Premiere to create this effect.

00:24 Prepare the file
00:58 Create & Animate the Horizontal Line
05:07 Adding and Animating the Type

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In this Premiere Pro video editing tutorial, we will take a look at creating and centering a horizontal line and animate it as our video opening and then adding some text, masking it into place, and then creating a beautiful smooth animation that we can use as a typography revealing text effect in Premiere Pro CC.

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Una Neary says:

I keep meaning to ask you – how do get that magnifying glass – in all your tuts? Is that part of Premiere or something you do in your screen recorder? Some of those settings in premiere, are so teeny weeny or almost hidden so I would love to be able to do what you do and put that magnifier over them. Thanks

thomas king says:

this is awesome my friend does media and she just used this tutorial to do one of her video editing assignments

Reaksa Hoem says:

Sorry, why I don’t have Text Tool on the Toolbar as you? Help me please. Big thanks

TheNightJackal says:

I love how at 0:15 He Low Key Used The reveal Effect A Little Bit 😉

Shazil Salim says:

Hey. I made a tutorial on how to do it on Android and iOS.https://youtu.be/3ep-CwkqqfU

Pınar Dalgıç says:

Also, there isn’t a text tool on my tool bar next to audio clip mixer. Did you modify your workspace? How can I change it?

Sam Steele says:

I think it would really help the viewer (me) to be able to see what you have made at the start of the video, that way we can see what we’re aiming towards throughout the video.

Paulo Fagundes says:

Just what I needed! Great! thnx

10.B Views says:

Thanks bro keep it up

Sid's Studio says:

thank you man

MotionCloud says:

I made a quick easy tutorial for making Smooth lower third title reveal using adobe premier pro cc 2018. check out this pls, how was that.

Matt Mosdell says:

slow down mate

mohammed Hussain says:

Thank you sir, learn one more good work

Erin Braxton says:

Thanks for this video. It was helpful to a point, but you speak so fast you may want to slow down. I spent more time stopping and rewinding that it became counterproductive. But I get it…there are so many theories on making these videos too long or short! But good information.

ARIS 5 says:

Fast, useful, no boring

Cher Videoproductie says:

Great tutorial thx

Anna Zanoni says:

The mask is pissing me off. It keeps following my text and won’t do the effect. Halp 🙁

laurent kuhn says:

in CC 2017 I do not have the Text tool in the middle. I need to tap ctrl+T to create a text but then when I move it, it moves the whole mask. any idea?

Geeky Jai says:

How did you soon in your videos and how did you record

Subed Nice Video

Lukas Rich says:

Great, thanks buddy

TanaKorn says:

how do you select multi anchor point i just follow your steps but i cant do that 06.29

Jack cavill says:

Trying to create this with a logo png file instead of text but the mask tracks with the logo/image how do I anchor the mask so it doesn’t move when I adjust the motion of the logo/image

Vô Cực Media says:

This is a LIFE SAVING piece of content right here

MauricioARG13 says:

great video, just gotta watch it like 3 times to memorize it now lol

Creative Davonte says:

great video, really enjoyed learning it Nathaniel!

Agnes Ong says:

This is so helpful for my travel vlog videos! Thanks man! i shall use this effect often, it is soo nice!! Not to mention, your explaination is so interactive and not boring at all.

Mubashir Ahmad says:

You explained in the most concise AND complete way! Thanks Alot! Really helpful!

Wafer says:

yeah so i figured out you can’t do it on adobe premiere cc 2017 :/

Jason Ross says:

I used the pen tool exactly as you showed it here, and had nothing happen. I cant figure out to how to duplicate what you are doing. When I follow it exactly as you did it, the pen tool does nothing.

808 Hike says:

Used this in my first video of the year. Thanks you for your hard work!

Dancha Peraza says:

it won’t let me move the text without moving the mask… is it my premiere version? help please

Brian Boeckman says:

Super helpful. Thank you.

Aleno Oliveira says:

Looooved it! THANK YOU! You´re a great teacher!

Firdaus Marthadinata says:

Hey, i need help. how to masking text in premiere pro cs5 ? I can’t do such thing like yours.

Pat ##### says:

Use less words man seriously

Mustafa Emre Aydın says:

how you magnify? With a programme or what!? It looks pretty cool and useful. Could you please expain?

Aquila chrysaetos says:

Great Tutorial!
I have used it at the beginning of my latest two video without any problems. At least after I found out that the Text Tool requires at least an 11.1 version 😉

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