THANOS SUPER PUNCH (Infinity War) in Premiere Pro – Learn how to Super Punch like Thanos from the Avengers – Infinity War. A tutorial about simple masking and editing tricks in Adobe Premiere Pro to create professional Visual Effects.

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The Universe EZ video says:

Hi Cinecom ! A great lesson! Positive video! Well done!

Carlos Mencia says:

so glad i found you guys on skillshare.

Real Tube says:

Wow sir I always learn from your video please give us free video luts

Gulfam's Talks says:

I really wait for your videos and when i watch i feel very nice and yeah you are really a great creative jordy.

Žygimantas G. says:

Can you tell what music used in 1:40 video ?

broken. music says:


abd errahmane Saadan says:

hhhh 5:24

Mike UA says:

where you find music?
Is it copyright?

Logan Wight says:

Keep it up guys!!

Lovedeep 14may says:


Supreme Omega Company says:

Another great version of Tutorial ! Keep it up guys…

Colin de Deugd says:

Really want one of those LG ultra-wide monitors but damn, 1500 euros is waaayy too much 🙁

Ajay Patil says:

Sir can you create make avenger infinity war mantis head light power effect please make tuturial for this

RattyCZ says:

Awsome work,keep it up

Samuel Kisakye says:

Amazing effect. Thanks

DSDASDAS SADdasdas says:

Honestly my favorite channel right now I love u guys

GaaBriejeL says:

komen jullie van België?

LooneyBoyGamer says:

Lorenzo: I don’t feel so good…

Exile ShadowPH says:

Do a disintegration effect pls <3

Toasted Synapse Gaming says:

Using a belt like object, like those ties/straps that are used for attaching things to cars is better, as they are much wider and thus disperse the force better on your poor actor. Thus, you can pull harder 🙂
Here’s a quick Google Pic of what I’m talking about:
Edit: These things are a must have for any filmmaker as they have many uses

Adila Sitimaryam says:

Niceee……I like it

Hawthorne Love says:

So cool! I really love how you make skits showcasing the effect rather than just having a short clip of it as an example. Your tutorials are easy to follow and I really appreciate that you zoom in on the cursor in some areas when clicking — in some other tutorials I’ve seen, I have to put it on full screen and slow it down just to see what they did, lol.

Is there any chance you might do a video on the disintegration effect in Infinity War?

Perfect Mess Productions says:

Who else died laughing when he said “oh shit”

MZB Tech says:

you taught me something great again

Grizzly CMT says:

Is premier pro free

mandelvsfood says:

Wow. I didn’t think it could be so easy. Ty!

Oz Eran says:

I was expecting you to do the dissolving effect from the movie…

NightKiller236 says:

I love your content really, keep doing what you do !

Brodster Gaming says:

Hasbro made an infinity guantlent

jokerandcharlie says:

although I *hate* this crappy movie A LOT you´ve done a great job Jordy. Thumbs up for you !

Affendy Arifin says:

i love ur video

Techno Friend says:

Please make doctor stange

Erhan Burger says:

Laurelick is a funny guy.


Hello friend i am pakistani you are great editor what is you country name

Pišta Cash says:

Perfect video as always, but the Infinity Gauntlet looks really shitty

Trapfact says:

Now you can make a new marvel movie 😀

AyyItsScott says:

Do Quicksilver speed plz

JR Magic Tricks says:

Was that pewdiepies chair at 5:26?

Drum aturgie says:

You forgeted the crack on the wall 🙂

Jonathan Catala says:

Jordy! watch out for my screen! xD LMFAOOOOOO I die

Andrew Swanson Films says:

you should have added a shadow to the effect, make it look more convincing

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