Turn a Photo into a Moving 3D Image | Premiere Pro Tutorial

Working with 2D still photos can be a dread from time to time, as there is no real motion. In this Adobe Premiere Tutorial, we will turn a photo into a moving image. This effect is very easy and use parallex techniques to make our photo come to life. We make a specific focus into creating depth and adding multiple layers. We talk able animation and 3D effects to add dimensional rotation. Finally, we look at how to separate objects from the background.

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Sandra Cherry says:

terrible… not all steps clear…

MadDarkess says:

Very sloppy made. Many of the caciques seen

Ben Whitehare says:

OMG the best tutorial ever! I fiddled for an hour with these three photos. Now, 10 minutes and they look amazing!

brianna guerrero says:

terrible at explaining

mohammed jaorawala says:

i need element 3d plug in please provide me a link

Alx • Parabuilding non profit says:

Great quick tutorial ~ many danks!!

Katherine Chen says:

It was going very well until the black background didn’t show when i connected all the dots

LYTE Yearz says:

Great tut bro but please remember we are learning. When you speak in one long run on sentence it actually doesn’t give us a break to absorb information. Yes I know we can hit pause but an even better way would be to say a step, then maybe say a few words purposely irrelevant to the video and then continue. It would help process what you’re saying a lot better. I teach people how to get started with new DAWS. I was told this helps big time. Please don’t take any of the that the wrong way. Your effort is definitely appreciated!

Rejith says:

Is Canon 1200d a good camera and which is the best lens for it?

Matt Wright says:

I closed the mask but didn’t get the black background

Wizard of Wizards says:


William Koufie says:

Just a bigginner

Bryan Bassett says:

swivel is pronounced SWIH VEL not SWERVEL

Abhijit Kumar Misra says:

What if that picture was taken with a mobile phone camera? What cure do you apply if the background is as clear as the subject in the foreground?

yan ni says:

its very interesting that things u could do only in aefx some years ago, now u can do it in premiere…

Bliss says:

Great tutorial.. tanx

Solo says:

Why everyone hating?

muchodj says:

awesome work- love it!

Sahi Kuro says:

Why not trimming image in photoshop and using it in premiere?

felix2300Lp says:

to fast 🙁

DroiMedia says:

Awesome tutorial – so easy to do in Premiere – thanks for sharing!

Nicolas Holmes says:

can we do it on tv paint ?

Valentine Vally says:

it didn’t really help man!!!!


Nice video thanks <3

eStar TV says:

Can we do it on photoshop

Hitahitado says:

Thank’s for sharing your tutorial.
such a amazing tutorial.
hope you watch my video too, im new.

Bryan Bassett says:

ahhhh ha u dont even know how to pen tool


this looks great, I didn’t understand the use of layers before this.

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