WHY Should You Color Grade Your Videos? (Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 Tutorial)

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In this tutorial, I will explain WHY and WHAT the purpose of color grading is in a video editing workflow, and when you should use it.

For more color grading tutorials, check out this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBrRXoTJAkZDOKl7OSltAtKJHpoWUjQxR


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Qopel says:

The guy sucking on the cancer stick made me feel sick. I doubt it was the color, though.

Firman Satria says:

still good easy to understand thank you

Eli Infante says:

Thanks Justin! Your video are always helpful.

sKrtY says:


Mohamed Ibrahim Riyal says:

bro Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 la dolby audio problam plz help

The Universe EZ video says:

Justin thanks for the tips ! Happy New Year and merry Christmas ! I invite you to visit ! +++ 31 !

Advise. Me says:


The Shep Family says:

Great tutorials and information. I’ve learned so much from your channel and just finally getting started on my own.

Terje Bogevik says:

As always, great video! 🙂
I hear ‘color correcting’ and ‘color grading’ being discussed both as the same and different terms. From my understanding, the difference is that while color correcting you are adjusting the image to correct for color mistakes (etc.), and while color grading you develop your own (creative) ‘look’. Any thoughts on this?

Jayne Nicoletti says:

Very good points! I never thought about color creating a mood vs what looks good. I notice so many new shows, take Bloodline for instance, always had a blue tint. Now it makes sense; it was a lot of cop interrogations.

Fischbuden-Fritz LP says:

It’s wednesday my dudes

Dirty Dan says:


Svea says:

Hi! I have so much respect for your work, since I’m currently making a daily video series of my trip to America!

UNBOXINg dude says:

grate video ,,,,,,,,,,but can u make it in after effects

R4G3 King says:

How u make cinematics

Cross Prime says:

This will make video look very attract.Impressive Video

Justin Odisho says:

Thanks for watching! Get my own color grading presets at http://justinodisho.com/shop

mehmet arıkan says:


Samir Bassiouni says:

Mate you are a legend

ja2pen2 says:

shoutout my guy always comin in clutch

Roan Hurenkamp says:

Dayum keep up this work man

BigSteve says:

I swear I was just watching a color grading tutorial but then I got the notification. Great job once again. Also I appreciate the brthr interview so much as they are my favorite editors.

Me in HD says:

one of the better channels on youtube

Thruston Benny says:

How about for people who are colorblind in certain color spectrums or better yet a editor who may be colorblind how do they go about with that?

Saminu Algaita says:


Darit Dob says:

Another one. *in DJ Khaled voice*

THE VANE says:

…thank you Master… very informative

Muhamad Bukhari says:

Can you Do a tutorial about 1080p Best Export Setting For YouTube?

Ben Goldberg says:

You should be shleep right now but thanks for dropping this knowledge on us

Mike Branch says:

Just started.dabbling in color grading. It’s a lot harder than it appears when you don’t know jack about it.

XTO Production says:

I like u justin xD

UNBOXINg dude says:

after effect or pr pro,,,,,,which is better for video editing

Dipanjan Banerjee says:

Give free presets

Danshapo says:

Can you watch my new video and tell me what I can do better

GilharProductions says:


Tommiworks says:

Great video, Justin. I always find it hard to “unite” certain clips to give it the same feeling. Especially when you’ve filmed in different weather conditions.

YScrim says:

how do i stop the lagging playback in premiere? thanks in advance !

Firman Satria says:

what are differents lumetri color and rgb curves and what’s time it’s used

MultiVerse Music says:

Great Tutorial I have learned many things in Premier Pro with your videos

Scott Liao says:


Brennbakk Gård says:

What should I have done without you??? All my questions been answered in Your videos. Thank you so much 🙂

Akmonx says:

Love this kind of videos!

Advise. Me says:

After effects animation

Syed Ikramullah says:

Lovely dear

StayJack says:

Aye new channel trailer out now ! Must join the family !

Alessandro & Federica says:

Thanks Justin for suggestions 😉

BK21 says:

2018 the year when Justin hits over 1m subs

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