3D Text Animation in After Effects – After Effects Tutorial – No Third Party Plugin

Here comes another After Effects Tutorial, This time we are creating a nice looking 3D Text, without using any third party Plugins, All built inside the After Effects. We are also covering, How to make the 3D text in After Effects, as well as how to make bounce text animation in after effects. So have a look, and create yourself some amazing Text.

As always, this tutorial is Free, and we are not using any third party plugin for creating this.

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Font: https://goo.gl/H4mU1d
Script: https://goo.gl/HyQGbL (Thanks to bijo .buster )


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Ramachandran Raghupathy says:

happy birthday bro

Alone VFX says:

hi bro very nice work your all tutos awesome
which screen recording software are using.

Andy Akins says:

What’s your intro song when the video first starts? Sounds like a cool song even in that few seconds.

Take me technically says:

In 9.25sec lines 2 ? how u can not show


Is their no way to create these with simpler tools like vegas or explaindio or any other newbie software which are also supportable in lightweight laptops like with 32 bit, 2gb ram, i3 processor , etc …. ?!

Saiku dindin says:

Hi Avinash! I love your text animation tutorials! Also I want you to upload videos on video editing ! So that I can edit short films and learn several other things! Yep it’s just a request…
-From one of your fans!

Coawe Music says:

Every video cool, Avnish and every video I see.

Mostafa Khajavi says:

tnx for video ….

Salah S D N says:

thank u bro

Bech says:

Happy birthday bro! nice vids! keep up the good work!

동건 says:

How can i download Text Bounce effect?

iTech with Eyeman says:

Hey Avnish. Thankyou so much for the Awesome Tutorial <3 . The only problem i am facing is, When I make the "Lines" layer 3d. It comes on top of text. While the layer is below my text. I don't know how to fix it.

Austin Omoria says:

This is so lovely. Great Job. Please I’d like you to do a tutorial on how to create the animation at the end that says “Thanks for watching, you guys are awesome” Thank you

Dydier Escobar says:

Thanks, I´m new in After Effects but with your help I will learn fast, because you are a Great Teacher, thanks for take your time and share with Us. Is a wonderful Job!!

DatRomix says:

what voice are you using

Hamdhan Ashraf says:

Mr. Parker. I would like to learn how to create a long lyric video. Can you please make a tutorial of it?

Shashank Seth says:

Happy birthday in advance brother

Jack says:

How To Make Logo.???

AASD T.V says:

can you tell us how to do green screen effect please

Rane MstSage says:

The only issue i had was with doing the Lines Background when I made it 3D, it decided to cover the text.

Take me technically says:

Happy Birthday Bro

david lordson says:


shine krishnan says:

Happy B’day

berC says:

Happy birthday, sir! Thank you for all the videos and hope you had a great day

Daniel Galindez says:

thanks bro, i like your video and your chanel

Josh Ilham Felani says:

Happy birthday

Aisset Ayoub says:

Hey parker ilove you man an your tuto its inncredible just can i use your logo

neazer. says:

*Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !*

Santanu Möndal says:

please make a callout animation video

BrunoAguileraMedia says:

Hey Avnish, great video as always!
May I ask, what you do for living?

WhitePanthaa says:

Sorry I watched it only today but happy belated birthday!!

ICH 95 says:

please share with me the file : text bounce.ffx

tomaž Praunseis says:

HB Avnish :)…

eric destiny says:


leky designs says:

a very usefull tutorial as always Avnish , keep it up !!! . And by the way i wish you an Happy birthday , you deserve it ^^ .

Islam M. Ali says:

love ur work man

elvis campos says:

Increible Maestro muy buen tutorial
feliz cumpleaños Bro Disfruta, Diviertete y Ten buena Salud.


Avnish Parker … Your Awesome .. Your Channel Is The Best YT Ae Tutorials Channel ! And Parker I Need To Communicate To You Very Deeply Can You Please Give Your GMail ID .. So That We Can Communicate In GMail .. Please . ( I’m Your Friend)

Dydier Escobar says:

I hope you had a Great and Happy Day!!!

Steve says:

Avnish, thank you for the new tutorial bro!
I need a tip. What if I want to use a couple of various texts with different color backgrounds just as you did in the intro (“today we are going to create this…”)?
Do I have to make a new comp for each text? I guess there is no way in copy-pasting it and making it faster and easier to have different texts in one project.

Files on top says:

Happy birthday and I love your videos.

Saurav Badola says:

wooow amazing dude clap

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