Adobe After Effects CC 2018 Beginner Tutorial: Intro Guide to Learn The Basics (How to)

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In this video I go over the basics of Adobe After Effects from opening the program, basic menu windows and tools layout, importing clips, creating compositions, adding effects, creating text and animations, and exporting and rendering saved projects.

This is a complete rundown aimed at a beginner just getting starting in the program to help learn the layout and familiarize with the basic purpose and functions of the program.

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Jennifer Hiles says:

This is a little off topic but what do you use to do your screen captures?

Terry Taylor says:

Is this only available through a subscription?

LaloRacer1 says:

Really useful! I know I’ve probably said this before, but I really have to thank you for sharing your knowledge about the Adobe Softwares and creative techniques as it has really helped me become more well-rounded in both of those branches! I hope you can continue to inspire and teach more and more people over the course of time. Props to you brotha!

Chill.Edits says:

For some reason my preview option is gone does anyone know how to fix?

gts 05 says:

Thanks bro very nice simple easy to follow, not over the top and without Music blasting in the background

Dan Osper says:

Dude, I am having issues with upscaleing and cant find an answer. When I send 50 fps videp that has been interpreted to 24 fps, from Prem to AE, i can upscale and preserve detail, but it comes back to Prem at normal speed and the selection from the source clip changes. I cant get the same slo mo that I chose before sending it to AE.

Sharath Kumar says:

Please can you tell the solution to accelerate gpu for 2018 premier pro to use new effects and trabsition it is not highlighted when I open new project

Jetskivfx says:

Nice video! Anyways im getting really frustrated with AE cc2018 because i cant find that “preview page” where you can move the composition frame by frame or even ram preview it. Would really appreciate if anyone has a solution

h-emp116 says:

thanks I’m totally new to this software, this really helps!

Weli V says:

you’re not stupid!

HarcourtFootballProductions says:

thanks justin ive mastred premiere pro but im had really no idea about after effects, im very glad u made this vid because it can really expand my editing for youtube!

Basia Tran says:

Thank you so much for the tutorial!

Clarence N says:

Finally! Thank you!

P00persnitzel DB says:

thank you

Te'onya Geddis says:

Thank you so much this was very helpful

Karan Dirctr says:

Sir how to use live text template in after effects cc 2018

Mark Tomlinson says:

Brilliant. Thanks ever so much, so clear!

KacangGoreng Production says:

thanks very much!! this is very useful for me (Iam beginner and newbie)

Add 852 says:

How do you even play the video

Trillavision Media says:

Thanks you better teacher than my shitty ass lazy ass ones at community college

Alison Rose says:

Thank you so much for making this video!

Semmi says:

Hi Justin, I’m a new subscriber. I’m here because of D4Darious. Love your work. Q. Can I make a video intro template and save it for my all videos but only change the text for each video?

Rob Reese says:

Justin Odisho,good pm, so i could transfer my projects/composition from Ae to Pr in order to publish it to youtube or fb? Or i don’t need to transfer the finish product from Ae at all..But then is this Ae could export the finish projects to such social medias though?I thank u so much for all the tutorial u given to us….

Aaron Chai says:

great video! finally gonna have a play on AE now!

Dodtbdm says:

I’m new to after effects. My render times are slow. 4790k, 24gigs of ram. For a 10 second clip of a 30mb jpeg, a sound clip, and the camera clue edit with about 6 key frames, it’s going to take 6.5 hours. My ram usage is only about 6gb. Is this normal? are there ways to optimize AE and the render process? Loving your tutorials. Any help is appreciated

Poon IsGood says:

Show us how to edit like retnik beats

leah Matalon says:

Thanks a LOT!!!!

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