Adobe After Effects Tutorial: Editing for Beginners

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first tutorial, I apologise in advance for anything that’s unclear or anything that has been missed out, but please do utilise the pause button if it is too quick paced.

This is a very BASIC tutorial, meaning I have only covered topics such as important to know features, how to import/export, how to make a composition, how to cut/adjust clips and syncing.

The method I have shown with syncing and cutting is how I do it, a bit in a different order but fairly the same, so you do NOT have to do it this way, my main purpose was to show you how After Effects works.

Tutorials on how to create transitions, effects, how to mask etc. will be coming within the near future, thank you for your patience.


Aquatove says:


Grandes Tuts says:


flo! says:

hii! I’m starting to use AE and when I start editing I notice that the amount of space in my mac drops drastically do you know if there’s any way to fix this? does this happen to you also?


Thanks this helps so much I recently got a loptop and i use to do edits on my phone but not anymore

maxim1zer says:

Really nice tutorial, very accessful, well explicated and clear for beginners, the music is pleasant too, thanks a lot and sorry about my english 🙂

Elena says:

Okay what does Display Acceleration Disabled mean its on top of my clip and also my audio is sounding weird the voice goes down and to normal again???

TaeTaeIsmine says:


AZLAN says:

I tried downloading svp for free but no matter what I could never successfully run it because it said svp isn’t supported with os mac or sum bs, then I tried to see if people could use AE on mac and I found a legit video where you can download it for free, as a mac user it worked perfectly ( ) that’s the link for free AE it’s legit

Vera On Riverdale Crack says:

Thank you so much. People are hating for nothing, they just need to follow the stuff and just read everything.

—natalie b says:

how do I put audios in my edits without the picture of my edit being there? idk how to explain

Wendy M says:

Guys can anyone help figure out what to get for editing idk if I should get a Microsoft computer or a Mac book

Supporting Brea says:


genevieve says:

how do you import videos from youtube into it/

lostyou again says:

This was actually so helpful haha

Lydia c. says:

I was wondering (i’m really new to this), but are you able to import a video that already has the clips together in a video and the music, but are you able to cut it up into chunks without deleting anything so you can make transitions and stuff?

Jeff Adams says:

Did you know that if you’re in college, you can get all of the adobe programs for just $20/month? just found that out today

genevieve says:

whrer do you get your videos to import?

R4ST4CL4T says:

Whats better? After affects or premier?

—natalie b says:

hi! quick question: how do you add in your audio and make the picture/video of it disappear?

P Anims says:

Name of the sencond song??

Hafsa Omar says:

um the second time u cut the clip why didnt you delete it sry im rly confused

Rose's are red says:

Thos is so gundam hard like wtf !!

nattles2.0 zac says:

I can’t listen my music… why? ?

james says:

it renders in a .avi on windows? i don’t even know what that is

cc.Shizou says:

yo where do you get the clips

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