Adobe After Effects Tutorial – Graph Editor

Adobe After Effects Tutorial! The After Effects Graph Editor is the best way to make your motion graphics and animations look smoother and more dynamic – trust me. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on social @notiansans!


Gamersclublit says:

Awesome video..Keep up the good work

Daris Fayyad says:

Thank you!

Tze Yew Ooi says:

Hey man great video, but i have one problem with my adobe premiere pro which is whenever a video is let’s say 4 minute long before imported in the software. After imported it will be longer like 7 minutes. why does this happened? Any solutions?

tarun kumar says:

your videos are awesome bro…
what does Ae and Pr stands for??

RIT123 says:

Happy New Year Peeps!!!!

Çalıya Dikkat says:

great video as always!

maysarah aljamal says:

make a video about how to do funny faces

Lakshit Bhasin says:

Plz help me to make after effects intro

SoWavyGames says:

Do a video on how to edit like Triggered Tro and Benji

Ahmed Bahrawy says:

Thank you but we aren’t Kids hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Yassine Dabel says:


The Post Color Blog says:

The overshooting is one of the coolest/useful things for things like this when I discovered it. Love the graph editor.

JER says:

Dude so good. I love watching your stuff—i don’t have the CC yet, have only edited on Final Cut Pro up to this point but hope to get CC soon, so your videos are very helpful! As a current university film student, I aspire to your level of talent and similar career one day! Thanks a ton man!

JANTH says:

Legend… Super usefull

Robbie Ruviews says:

This was a more in depth version of what I knew about the graph editor. Previous tutorials instructed me to use it and showed me why it was awesome, but didn’t really explain it as well as you did. Great stuff!

Thanks for an awesome 2017 and I look forward to bigger and better things in 2018!

Stefan die Waldfee — Retro & Indie LPs says:

I never knew how much I needed this video – well done 🙂

Divesh Sood says:

Which key (shortcut) do you use to put a keyframe ?


108th viewer… gimme five

Wayne Federico says:

WOW wow WOW !! Nice bud Happy New year YEAR.

polarhive says:

Happy New Year

Procetcic says:

this video is really helpful atleast for me , but im still waiting for 10 min version of back to home from liquid video 🙂

Виталий Быков says:

Miss notification squad 🙁

Tech In Urdu says:

Make a video on Color Correction .
Love from Pakistan.
You are great.
Happy New Year

Shwanso says:

Hey bro, i love your videos, i would like to request a video on premiere pro, the wiggle/ floating effect. it seems as tho u can only do the wiggle efect in after effects, can you please make a “floating/wiggle text effect” im talking about the one when it shakes and looks as though its floating, not the one where the text looks likes waves, thanks bro!

theRizz says:

Hot damn. Knew it was there, but that was a nice clean tutorial. Thx! And happy new year!

Omer Menashe says:

i know you can answer to all requests, but i was wondering if you could make a video about how to first approach after effects? i’ve been editing on premiere for good two-three years now, but i was always scared to begin after effects.
if you could thatd be great ((:

Isabel Saige says:

love you videos

T.J. Lovelady says:

Thanks! Always learn something new with you!

Ploisy says:

Dude, I dont even have something of Adobe CC, Im a kid I don’t have money, but still watching yo vids cuz their entertaining and I can still learn from them for free alternatives

SashaFromSaintP says:

Happy New Year to Ian and all the guys here! I wish everyone become a better editor, thanks to Ian, and tons of subscribers for Ian as he deserved it!

Learnwith ME says:

Hey whats up Learn how to edit stuff Your page is awesome!! You are soo helpfull I actually posted my first YouTube video today of all the vines from 2017 I like!!! if you have time do you mind going over to my page and watching to let me know what you think?! Thank you ! I appreciate any constructional criticism !!

Dominic Flückiger says:

Thanks! Hope, you still make videos in 2018! 😉

Jimmy Wan says:

Thanks. I’ve been waiting for this tutorial for weeks. I thought you forgot to make this tutorial because you’ve promised to do it in another video.

The Most Ariel says:

Woop woop m/

FocusSniipe says:

Amazing video! Helped me a lot! 🙂

Naruedyoh says:

Videos with practical easy examples like this are more than needed. THANKS

Hussein Wamid says:

Y dont he have a million sup??!!!
Keep it up bro best content ever

Ashish Gupta says:

Beautifully explained

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