Adobe After Effects Tutorial: Message in a Bottle Zoom Transition

Today is an adobe after effects tutorial for the message in a bottle zoom transition.

Check out the full video here on amir zakeris ‘s instagram:

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Filmed on Panasonic GH5

Colin Ross Production


KenT says:

So sick

Dings Da says:

Some parts are just way to quick to edit along…

Canal das gêmeas Oficial says:

Parabéns meu anjo ,seus vídeos são ótimos.bjs

Mark Holtze says:

Dope tutorial Colin! Nice work man! One thing i’ve always loved about animation is the cutlass transitions. How they can make one thing morph into the next seamlessly. This isn’t qUITE that but it’s getting closer!

Pablo Aguilar says:

I love your tutorials!! They are explained really well! 😀

Techy Mohit says:

Just one word *WOW*

Anja Aleskari says:

Cool tutorial 🙂 could you add some curvature of the reflection on the bottle to make it look more accurate?

Tony Tang says:

just a simple the same video. when the girl went under the arm and then switched scene from the beach to a corn field. did you use any effect ?

Taiwaneverything says:

Would have loved to follow your tutorial, but Mocha AE doesn’t let me import my clips. MP4, MOV, doesn’t seem to work. 🙁

Drew Nix says:

Nice effect. I really liked how you used alpha Matt to bring back detail on shipwreck layer.

Emma says:

I’ve been working on video editing lately/ vacation videos and these are sooo helpful, I’ve been stuck watching old videos that are incredibly vague lol

MaYank Rawat says:

wow , youre genius

RyugomiGt says:

you got good content but sad thing is your not famous (yet)

MHZ says:

Congrats on getting feature on 9gag on instagram bro

Caius Cosma says:

that ass…

Mark Luceño says:

Damn! You’re killing the grind..
And I love your attention to detail.. I really need to start learning AE. Thanks for the tutorial!

Obtuse says:

Shit that’s good

Hannah Bettis says:

found your tutorials through a random search, but I had no idea you were a kansas fan (or went there)! rock chalk!

DeadlyUSMC says:

Kansas, A KANSAS JERSEY. Ohh boy, can’t watch anymore of your videos, LOL. J/K, Thanks for another awesome tutorial!!! P.S. Go UK lol

Beor Ong says:

I hate being the minority of wanting more vlogs rather than tutorials ='[ but u know me… full support cause im on the colin ross express train to 1 million subs!

Barakell Béni says:


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