Advanced Damage & Decay FX Tutorial! 100% After Effects!

Create a procedural decay and damage system inside of After Effects!


HeavyIzThaCrown says:

I’m going to use this stuff in a movie one day

Patrice for Jesus says:

You are the best! greatfull!

Ra Djan says:

Strange, but CC GLASS on Moss FX layer is not working as thу one on the video: the negative and positive value of Height option act the same. For example, -100 and 100 show the same image without visual depth or highness. No dimension. around 21:00
Who knows what is the problem here?

Chris Murdock Film says:

how did you leaned this stuff?

Technical Stroke says:

looking sooooooooo, cool Intro best of all days

Steve says:

I came by doing this tutorial

Fred Aves says:

Sorry I’ll write in french :
Votre travail et votre envie de partager vos compétences est extraordinaire. Je suis sincèrement bluffé par vos tutoriels, votre technique et les résultats que j’obtiens grâce à vous. Merci du fond du cœur !

Phungkha Basumatary says:

how to create acount plz help

NxTlVL says:

1:26 new animation XD

Michael Müller says:

This is insane!
I thought I knew something about this tool but this guy made me change my mind about my opinion once again

Emin Mamedov says:

No comments..

Felix says:

Finally back!

Reginald Armah says:

just a quick question.. how do i master after effects? is there a free intro to advanced course i should watch? what are your suggestions please?

Glitchy Weirdness says:

man, i cant thank you enough for being such a badass creative creator, cuz not a lot of ppl can show that for free, thank you very much mate

wiz _0_Moz says:

Made my respect for default AE plugins go higher. Thank you.

Naresh StarMaa says:

Awesome Andrew. When will we make this in Element 3d. So that we can’t need any 3d softwares for title animations…:)

sajjadh samad says:

Hi sir… I am ur big fan… Still I am watching the Tutorial that you uploaded last time. sir I have small request… Could u pls teach us Cinema 4d??? it will be more helpful all of us like me.. thank you sir…


Very good…

Where is the rock grunge file?

Horrorgraphy says:

I did not watch you for a’s nice to see your creations again.

King Justice Ake Dem says:

I just don’t know what to say, But this man is after effect. When I think of after effect I think AK. KUDOS we pray for your long existence .

Mukesh Bharti says:

Hey Andrew, how about buying ADOBE, they will not deny…

Shaik Siddiq says:

I really Love it.. Tq bro❤❤

Pixelpark Carlo says:

Amazing as always!

Marc Hankel says:

STILL….RAISING THE BAR! Incredible stuff!

Ayman Salih says:

Appreciate and respect ✊

Tony Lemont says:

Who the hell thumbs down Andrew? That’s like hating Santa Clause.

Krunal Rahate says:

its been almost 10 years I am following you Andrew!! you are the reason why I am a skilled VFX artist today!! keep it up! Big fan! <3 <3 <3

Vagner Cunha says:

Muito top vc é o cara

Андрей Улиткин says:

Крамер, ты пиздец крутой чувак!

erikj7 says:

Thanks you so much Andrew! So cool! I’m glad you make us learn this rather than just give to us. I can use this for so many things.

Solomon Gizaw says:

Andrew Your Are The best .. you are Like after effect’s God Keep Up the good work .. Really usefull techniques and alot of them have been following your tutorials forever

Parikshit vfx says:

sir can you make like a avengers spaceship plz plz ..

Palvinder Mahal says:

Your voice is SEXYYYY

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