Advanced Electric FX Tutorial! 100% After Effects!

3 Tutorials in 1! Create stunning Lightning with realistic reflections, Simulate realistic cloud illumination. Create directional electricity that interacts with your logo!

Project Files with BG Footage and Smoke:


Big Skwish says:

Thank you for always explaining more than just “click here make it this value”, there are always a couple extra seconds to say what you are actually affecting, making it easier to apply the effect to anything. Yours is one of only a handful of channels that have actually helped me learn some new techniques and further what i know, plus you’re funny, making any lesson alot less boring and alot easier to remember. a sub for you sir!

reefrunner says:

5 minutes into the tutorial and already my AE is starting to piss me off. I bring in Advanced Lightning over the solid layer, but there is no movement in the bolt. It’s literally just standing still over the footage. Who can help me out?

GiantLove says:

subscribe all my life.

Soumyadip Mukherjee says:

we can even use this to create the THOR RAGNAROK moment from this !!!

Sebastian Harris says:

Do I have to buy the full version of after effects to do this and other cool things like this or can i use creative cloud?

Tyler Baker says:

Any one got any solutions for when adding the CC Composite at 37:44 it adds a white layer on top, and the only thing i can do is edit the opacity of said layer. Instead of it bringing the definition of the core lightning back.

psychopathfull says:

Andrew. are you shure you’re not a AE creator?

Jared Reedy says:

That intro was the best I’ve ever seen 😮

TechRik says:

Can U make a Tutorial creating this awesome destroyed skin effect?!?

Egy Copilot says:

Kramer answer please
please any one answer are the Element 3D can be Work in Intel HD ghraphic510
i dont have any graphic card like Nvidia or AMD no Card

Laekin Vakalahi says:

What happened to INTERCEPT

TheGreenSlimeGaming says:

Can you make free Harry Potter hall ways for element 3D

Egy Copilot says:

can u make a tutorial for u’r shape layer for this logo Which at the beginning of the intro please please

DaFireFiend says:

omg so many puns i love it

Wanderer says:

Wish I had 400 million fucking dollars so I could afford after effects.

G.I. O.J. says:

Andrew sir,you are brilliant for 11 years experience of after effect and I double triple salute for you and your actor. best tutorial thank you.

Bruce Williams Photography says:

Any chance of getting the AE file to follow/see exactly how you set this up? Watching your video is great, but I’m a slow learner, and I do better with something I can follow along with…..

Thanks for your amazing video tutorials…. totally awesome!

Malcolm Smith says:

Subbed for cool tutorial and the story about getting out of yard chores.

YGB Hawk says:

Link to FX Console? Its not on your site when i search for it.

Adrien Loubet says:

Hey could you make a tutorial about how to make a shockwave on the ground, the kind of shockwave you made when the superhero landed ? That would be wonderful !

Silvers Zviell says:

Great tutorial Master Andrew! Although am I the only one having trouble finding the Fast Box Blur effect in After Effects CC 2017? I can’t seem to find it anywhere 🙁

koushik deva says:

can u pls suggest me a best laptop for doing this kind of stuffs

Filip Babic says:

How did he make the reflections on the truck at 3:27? :/

DubstepMax says:

Hello how do I remove the link from your site from the twitch effect and why when I use the twitch effect of right does the link appear on your site as the link retreat?

Moonpool says:

Absolutely incredible tutorials! Keep doing what you’re doing! Thank you very much!

Rubiksmaster02 says:

is it adobe after effects?

Rubiksmaster02 says:

what is the studio thing you use

Navanshu Rastogi says:

Says Pun. YeahH !

manoj g says:

Hi sir, if can plz teach us do motion poster ✌️✌️

김자형 says:

i don’t know the difference between using solid composit effect and not using it.but thank you^^

Baynetna says:

This kid hurts my brains but i keep coming back.

Kirk Douglas says:

amazing!! are there any tutorials for how you do the effect on the hexagon logo at the start??

BanisherofRadiance says:

K I’m just gna ask since its happened twice now. Any ideas why my Exposure keeps affecting other layers that it’s not on? 1st time adjusting it for the blur it brightened the whole screen to a light gray not just the blue blur which I could correct with a curves effect turning down the gamma. Then 2nd time after applying the ground texture and setting it to luma matte, adjusting the exposure again made the grunge texture reappear and be extremely white even though the texture is on a completely separate layer. Wadafaq is going on?!

One Crazy Gamer says:

Hi andrew, i was wondering, what kind of computer do you use?

Pharaoh says:

how do I Add the FX console on after effects after it’s been downloaded?

정연호 says:

When does the next lecture come out?

Attizzoso Dissaldato says:

Andrew was the greatest, a pity that he died.
R.I.P. Andrew

Ty Vo says:

It is amazing .Please make video in higher resolution

xgabriel90 says:

a question, how i put a 3d model behind object in a shot?

NT Photoshop says:

Great! Impressive! The software has created miracles 🙂

Amol Mahadik says:


your tutorial very help full.

pouya gh says:

Please teach it all about the logo

Benjamin Figuried says:

You my friend are a true genius!

Ronak Mishra says:

Where is Intercept???!!!!!

Deivid CM2 ツ says:

Best intro lol

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