ADVANCED: Loader Bar & Countdown with Expressions After Effects Tutorial

LEARN ABOUT EXPRESSIONS IN THIS DETAILED AFTER EFFECTS TUTORIAL! | We’ll create a loader bar, percent counter, and a countdown timer that can be customized by changing one simple slider.

Background photo I used here:

00:53 Create composition and background
01:30 Create the artwork and text
05:27 Inputting a number via Null Object
06:45 Code the loader bar
10:19 Percentage text animation
13:04 “Time Remaining” countdown clock
22:31 Wrapping up: Get it, Got it, GOOOOOOD!

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In this After Effects tutorial, we’ll learn a whole bunch about how to use expressions and work with time and expressions by creating a bar that loads to 100% while displaying a bit of text that counts upward to show the progress from 0-100% and a countdown clock that should how long in minutes and seconds until the loading is complete. It’s the trifecta of perfect countdown and loader screen goodness. To cap off the tutorial, you can write the code once and simply change one slider to change the duration of your loader and everything updates automatically!

⚡️ written tutorial here:


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Super Striker Gaming says:

Super Like!

Ashutosh Mandal says:

hay…, really .. waiting for your videos

FaresTop says:

You are amazing

Grabster says:

Writing a code and editing a video at the same time?

Ac3inSpac3 says:

That thumbnail percent tho, 69%

SI GIT says:

Where is your podcast?

Zach Voaden says:

Cheers man!

Nabeegh Ahmed says:

hey, Nathaniel, This video was really out of the world, But I was hoping if you could do some extra high graphics 2D game assets.

Peter Panda says:

Amazing tutvid thx.

Xiotus says:

EXPRESSIONS are not at all complicated if you understand it easily. They are just a bunch of codes after all!


U Are Soooooo Gooooood !!!!! BIG THANKS !

Paintball Time says:

Great video and thanks for the step by step instructions in your videos

waleed ehsan Janjua says:

Any tutorial about coming soon template

Mycelias says:

Great tutorial tutvid – actually made my own version and tweeted it out to you. Can’t wait for more tutorials!

tutvid says:

Thanks for watching! Here’s the finished code if you don’t like watching the whole video:

• Bar code:
duration=thisComp.layer(“DurationInSeconds”).effect(“Slider Control”)(“Slider”);
barWidth = linear(time, 0, duration, 0, 100);

• Text code:
duration=thisComp.layer(“DurationInSeconds”).effect(“Slider Control”)(“Slider”);
Math.floor(linear(time,0,duration,0,100)) + “%”

• Clock code:
duration=thisComp.layer(“DurationInSeconds”).effect(“Slider Control”)(“Slider”);
countdown = Math.floor(duration-time);

minutes = Math.floor(countdown/60);
seconds = countdown%60;

function addZero(n) {
if (n<10) return "0" + n else return n;

if(duration > 0 && time < duration){ "Time Remaining: " + minutes + ":" + addZero(seconds); } else {"Time Remaining: 00:00"}

jassemDZ dz says:

thank’s a lot bro

Manny Vids says:

Thanks, that is dope. I’ve been using After effects for a while and had no clue that it excepts codes.

jignesh ghelani says:

good video

ThatSameMark says:

thank you for the amazing tutorial as always

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