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The Music I use: – AMAZING for YouTubers
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My Super Awesome Tactical Camera Bag :
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My FAVOURITE Lens Ever –
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Jarod Hardcastle says:

Please do more

CaptainSquillso says:

Please do more After Effects tutorials!!!

Brad Tuftin says:

Part 2 Please!

lelefabb says:

Can i do the same with non-stabilized footage?

noname180360 says:

Great video!!! Just sad that I don’t have After Effects and a strong PC to learn it myself… 😀

Nath my problem says:

the explanation is waaaaayyy toooo long. just freakig show what it does jeez

مديحة الحميدي says:

Man .. i just love your way of making it fun and tasty !! Big thumbs up

John Mellows says:

Thanks Peter, awesome vid

Crunch Time says:

I’ve been wanting to dive into this app for so long! I think i’ll play with it for a bit until part 2 comes to light. Thanks McKinnon!

Gaetan Osman says:

Hey Peter, awesome tutorial man! trying to get into after effects myself. It’d be cool though if you could also include the footage used in your tutorials so we could follow along. Some of us don’t even have equipment that shoots 4K plus I’m pretty sure it would enhance engagement as we’re following the exact same steps. once done, we can always try things on our own. Cheers!

Prathamesh Bhobasker says:

Make That Effin Part 2 ASAP!!!

free b roll says:

you have done a video in after effects pretty sure

HASAN98 says:

Thank you

The Timber Cross says:

Killer so excited you are rocking After Effects basic videos!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pick Whip!!

Dragos Luiz says:

where is the tutorial ??? so much useless talking

Rose Productions says:

omg thank you, you’re such a G

Bato Adventurer says:

thank you from europe !

Rajan sharma says:

truly amazing it really helped me to understand the interface and some tools of AE, love this video hope you upload more videos..

chad brunswick, 13 year old genius says:

i just bought AE, please continue AE tutorials!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Film Bros says:

Just realised its a casey shirt!

Gaz Illidge says:

Just like Matti used for his Travel Feels Intro. Noice! Always wondered how he did that. The more you know!

Video XFast says:

Great tutor. Thanks <3

GrayCastle says:

Noticed you’ve been saying “You don’t own me” quite frequently on these recent videos lol.

Xiotus says:


Chris Mayer says:

Terrific tutorial!

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