After Effects Energy Ball VFX Tutorial

Learn how to create an ENERGY BALL VFX using Adobe After Effects!
You can download the tutorial files here:
Difficulty: medium

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In this tutorial we will be creating a cool looking energy ball effect.

We will be using lots of effects to create the pulsating energy base for the effect.
On top of everything we will add a flickering optical flare to add some intensity.
We will finish it off with a burning ring of energy using the Video Copilot Saber plugin.
Finally, we will composite everything back into our original shot of Walter throwing an energy ball into my face!

All comments and feedback welcome 🙂


MAIN CAMERA – (Canon 5D Mark III)
MAIN LENS – (Canon EF 24-70mm II USM)






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Wadilson Oliveira says:


NoirWolf Creations says:

I do want to know about that disintegration effect that looks cool

Petr Barták says:

You guys are the one at Youtube.

Euclides Eugênio says:

you’re the best!

Vikram Alamela says:

How did you put the track in the middle of his hands?

D.M.S Studios says:

Please do disintegration effect

Bedo Erany - Minecraft says:

show us your 10 creations

saeed senpai says:

can i ask what camera and lens do u use for ur videos?

ViralHorses says:

Though i still need to learn those special effects from @0:25 in AE XD
How long did it took you to master AE? I find it more difficult then adobe premiere pro

TheKingGreninja says:

I am putting my energy ball in one hand like u did.(0:40) So, What part of the hand I have to track?

Amin Techie says:

Good to see you again

dbreardon says:

Great vid! I enjoyed this. It doesn’t matter because the energy ball is small but on a bigger energy ball, I think you might add like a wiggle expression (or whatever type of expression is needed) to the evolution of the light flare….hope that makes sense.

Mike Morgan says:

Thank you – Great to follow along to. Nice and helpful.

DatBandit :3 says:

I love how when i watch your videos i always learn something new.

BRO_yousef says:

Can you do these advance tutorials also in sony vegas?

Asger Lorenzen says:

I wrote earlier, and I wonder how you pick out the good sound effects and compose them right to your videos. I have downloaded some sound packs, but it seems still impossible to me. do you have any tips?

O Gatuno MK says:

Nice video man, I am your fan

PSS says:

plz give me tutorial for disintegrating

mindhormone says:

Tobias, I like it! still after all this time you are still entertaining to watch!

Anja Aleskari says:

ha ha ha looks great. You put in so much effort in making the noise inside the ball and then add a massive glow and you cant see all that detail inside it anymore 😛

kartik chauhan says:

This tutorial is not at all interesting….. Sorry to say that but this is truth.

Daryll Dan Caponpon says:

Does this tutorial still apply for Adobe After Effects CS4?

Saminu Algaita says:

nic sir

Asger Lorenzen says:

Where did you get the sound effects for the intro?

Harsh vardhan says:

hello there Mr. Tobias, i m beginner to the after effect this is my first tutorial and i’ve found it really help full but i need help from you. When i Create sphere matte mask then the key frame to the mask aren’t applying and doesn’t even working. so what is good solution for this?? plzzzzz reply.. thanks

Emil Joes From says:

I really like enjoying ur videos 🙂 And it will be Nice with a disintegration tutorial 🙂 Keep up the amazing work!

Azizul Islam says:

How did you attach third null object between two null object. I just didn’t get it. pls explain it…

Jeff Myers says:

I must confess, the disintegrating effect is a tutorial I would enjoy even more.

sai anurag says:


mohammad khaled faqosa says:

very cool man

SwissPL says:

Nicely done

FrameCityJackal says:

Hi, I’m having trouble with setting my mask path, it won’t scale. 7:15-7:37.
For some reason it’s not setting a keyframe when I make the mask small.
Thanks for the tutorial, everything else works fine.

Anthony Francisco says:

Ok first off how did you messed with yourself and blown yourself up XD

Easy HomeMade Projects says:


IBringDaBeats Studios says:

That is so amazing

NoirWolf Creations says:

it was very nice btw how did u do that flying energy coming off of u after walter hit u with the energy ball? at 0:21


When doing some motion tracking, when and how do you decide when to use premiere or when to use after effects? I’ve watched many of your videos but get hung up on when to use what program. I know you say that shouldn’t have AE project too big because of so many layers it can have. But if I only want to animate a small or track one or two objects, do I just use premiere? Thanks. I like this video and will probably try to recreate it myself for practice. How complex have you made your projects before? in a scene how many objects have to tried to animate at one time and does it get too complex? It seems like the minecraft video would’ve taken a long time and 20x longer if I did it.

Sancho Vandevelde says:

yes integration effect pls would love to see how thats done !

ZombieBubble says:

Could you do a tutorial on a nuclear blast? Also a wall of smoke going over the camera would be great.

nadir nad says:

when the next blender tutorial cam i love it

Doğukan Kırıkçılar says:

rasengan fx pls

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