After Effects Fantasy Eyes Tutorial Elf, Witcher, Vampire, Undead

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Achieving advanced eye vfx in after effects requires the proper way of balancing multiple effects using Feathering and Masking eckniques. Through more than 60 minutes of training I will show you how I achieve a cinematic look by grading 6 different shots.

I will be using Adobe After effects CC for the color grading tutorial and all the effects used are build in. No third party plug ins. I will show you how to use After Effects to create Eye visual effetcs including:
After Effects Elf Eyes
After Effects Witcher Eyes
After Effects Vampire Eyes
After Effects Undead (Zombie) Eyes

For capturing the shot I used the Canon 70D (without magic lantern) with the kit lens 18 – 135mm. Enjoy!


GreenTech - 8D SOUNDS says:

1 Hour Video and one ad? Wow.

erosxagape says:


GarciaGamer says:

Can you please do a Tokyo Ghoul Ghoul eye tutorial????


I want the epic sounds in the beginning of the video. That is so Cool.

Delia Julian Martin says:

My footage has a zoom to the eye and it won’t track it.

Frosty Gaming says:

I came for the Witcher eyes, I will be the next Witcher apprentice.

Andrew Uchiha-Minecraft and more says:

He spent an hour on this damm talk about detication good job man

VisualSly says:

Hello Creatrix Visuals! I’m an independent filmmaker who is really into special effects. I LOVED this eye color tutorial, and you inspired me to make a visual effects short film on my channel (the film is called “Eye”–so clever, I know!). I’m sure you get lots of comments on your videos, so mine might get swallowed up, but I just wanted to say, thanks for this in-depth lesson! You help me improve as an artist so much. I love your channel!

Sour Orange says:

hey bro you rock, can i have the Fire effect download link, please?

JaLyn Lewis says:


Nam-Wolf VN says:

You amazing!!! Thank you so much

Muhire Emmy says:

i like it

zPAiiNTx says:

can you make a Tutorial about eye bleeding?

Mvndvs Productions says:

thanks for the help! Can anyone check out my edit on my page and give feedback?

Glaxm Gxnag says:

Whats the app? I have same computer

Ricardo Gondim says:

MAn, I just Love This… Love it 🙂 🙂 🙂

Legna Zeg says:

pretty cool uh? cool tutorial! best

TaliB Beig says:

really thnkx man you are awsm keep make like this and awsm more tutoial

Aayush Prakash says:

Is this free?

Yousef shahen says:

You really did a great job I solute you my friend 🙂

Gray Fullbaster says:

Do you mean elf witcher sharingan and byakugan

Kam Dean says:

heeey , can u make a tutorial about how making an intro like yours in this video pls ? and pls answer this comment so i’ll be able to notice and check that tut out <3 thx

Matt M says:

I am having trouble. Not sure because new version or what? But when I create a mask path to key frame the smaller parts that are off on the iris, it no longer follows the tracking as well, but still follows the motion box. It just throws it all off.

Prince says:

Simply Excellent!!!!!

OMGpacini says:


All In One -PC தமிழ் says:

video is toooooo much long……..Why?????

FVproductions says:


Uchiha Sasuke says:

0:38 Madara Sharingan

Jonhsy Hanger says:

the music is soooooo cool what’s the music please

Pudding Motion says:

Thanks alot, so amazing!!!

RS Tube says:

PlZ make a video to get those background music and cinematics sfx..

Alexander Friday Eagle says:

Well Ihave a question about the original vampire eyes color in dawnguard if anyone can help me. Why is it that in skyrim legacy I used to have a nord character who could take on the yellowish vampire eyes without the pupil and now no matter what I do my nord character always gets the dark orange eyes where the pupil is still visible, when he becomes a vampire ?

Adam Lewis says:

great tutorial…thank you

WarfelWorks Studios says:

Could this be done with mask compositing options within the individual effects rather then trackmattes?

Production Drop says:

Excellent Tutorial, love your work

Phantom says:

you have some brilliant skills!! bro Awesome!

Alex A says:

Take a shot every time he says “pretty cool huh?”
I know I don’t remember the past 6 hours

All In One -PC தமிழ் says:

What camera did you use and also please give me the link to buy it please


This Looks fucking dope !! had to sub off this video alone !!!

Iggy35 says:

worked like a charm

Juliana Guerreiro says:

A brilliant tutorial. You really saved my life. Thank you

La Torre de Birrel says:

Haz uno en Español!!! Que se te nota mucho el acento!

Kaz says:

Hello, I learned a lot from this tutorial and would like to thank you, but I’m having trouble with a crucial step. I’m running CC2017 and I’m not entirely sure how to set the second clip to alpha channel so it only effects the eyes. I’ve found the “set matte” effect which I thought would be a substitute but it has near to no effect. Can you help? I’ve searched the Adobe Help forums and they just say use the search bar at the top right corner, which is glitched on my app and won’t function for me. Please help if you can?

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