After Effects Tutorial: AVENGERS Disintegration Effect

AVENGERS Effects: After Effects Tutorial AVENGERS Disintegration Effects
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AA Productions says:

If his hand is no longer attached to his body,
it should fall down as it finishes disintegrating?
How was it done in the movie? I don’t remember.

I want to die says:

He didn’t feel so good

America's Streets says:

plz i need link for download
Adobe After Effects plz

Gokul Siva says:

Bro g d intro edit

Kedokato Rimokatoji says:

are you vietnamese?

Shubham Golle says:

should i use same method for still images?

Jones Vincent Productions says:


arabclla says:

bruh why u gotta remind me

The Quiet Echo says:

I pressed something and now my adobe after effects looks different than yours. Can u help me?

Lee hyun kyu says:

i don’t want to die

Joseph Balogun says:

When I do it I can see the mask line, although I’ve followed every step, does anyone have a solution???

Alexander Atanasov says:

your thumbnail is actually fucking stupid. disliked

voidquills says:


Meredith Plays says:

mr stark, I don’t feel so good.

Владимир says:

Loocs good, but can you do some effects like a shake of camera, move of the character, color correction, lightnings. But if this for beginners i know. Liked all videos (almost)

Punch Animation says:

Yes. Spiderman dies in the film.

arman imran sajan says:

The king of after effects

Md Djarole says:

Hey Boy i like your vidéos, sow i’m franch. Tell us, how to make the effect Transformation of the face into animal. As VAN HELSING (2004) by “Stephen Sommers”. Thank you for your reply 🙂

Sikandar K Kumbhar says:

Thor effect please

Travis Mason says:

Good, clear and quality tutorial. Well done and thanks!

Usman Rashid says:

Geat tutorial, thanks! But I have few questions if you’re willing to answer. Thanks in advance

MT Studio says:



great video………….

Reel Fitness says:


CatCo Worldwide Media says:

Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good…

kaemjalo says:


james fowler says:

nice man. 🙂

TheYoungRedacktor says:

This AE 2017 or 2018?? please ask

레이 says:


John Doe says:

*Mr Stark, I don’t feel so good*

Shemmuel Elmido says:

Is this the same process if we edit on photos? Can you please make one when editing photos this time 🙁

ฮาโดร์ยา คุง says:

I like what you do And can you help me organize the computer specs?

ThePoshSushi says:

I don’t feel so good..

慕容葛琪 says:


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