After Effects Tutorial – Basic Typography & Motion Graphics

This is a basic tutorial in After Effects designed for beginners. Learn how to create text, animate it, and then add a cool look using masks and shadows in Adobe After Effects.


Tsuki-Karasu says:


Adrian Villarreal says:

Holy crap! What a great, informative video! I really like your teaching methods; Easy to understand and at a great pace.
Thank you! Keep’em coming!

SouptoGo says:

I can’t seem to get Century Gothic or Bold Text. How do you have this?

RPXtreme says:

It won’t even let me play the audio it says Not realtime

ramah sugihati says:

I don’t know why, but my 3D layer doesn’t work as well 🙁

Revvilo says:

SHIT, it’s so overwhelming with all the settings o.o
I’m happy I learned with Vegas that if I want to use it enough, I can pick it up just by using it 😛


You hit the ass button for scale.

CupChase Productions says:

This is a great tutorial, been wanting to do animated text for a while and just started. You did a great job at explaining.

Amr Emara says:

where is the Period button ??! 2:01

Crappy Three says:

thanks so much. very helpful. 🙂

Ayul Ayol says:

how to produce that video? you dosent show how to convert them to video? its just a file dosent work if you upload to youtube

sa lih says:

Hey thanks for the demo……
Animation can also be done by adding key frame from transform section. so what is the difference of adding key frame from animation section with transform section. is there any special ability in animation sections key frames specific to an object?

Rahmansyah putra says:

This like porn, i can see but i can’t do that

sickhcivc says:

Do you think if I get a Wix website they will stop spamming me?

「The Elite Five™」 says:


Abdulmoezz Elwakil says:

I loved

Posaniak Gaming says:

Howcome when I put the anchor point on top it still comes from the bottom?

Unoriginal_Name says:

what are some good fonts to use?

DoomTrain says:

Easy motherfucking ease.

FFS. I just wanted to learn how to make a cool lyrics video. Why couldn’t I learn this shit in highschool? lol. I’m so envious of people with these kinds of skills.

Dinesh Diabolic says:

i have been looking for somethin like this. Been using blender till now. I Would use boolean modifier and stuff to hide the texts and its tedious. But how do i render the frames in image strips so that i can bring it into blender compositor?

IoS Learning Solutions says:

Great tutorial, really helped me get my project done! Thnx

Isabell Kahl says:

very good explanation! 🙂

Alejandro Campos says:

Awesome tutorial!!! Very helpful!! Thanks a lot!!

Best Scene says:

what the hell is symbol on 7:17

Day.Dawns says:

Hey, I’m going to be making animations using After Effects soon, around 8:20 you talk about the path tool. You specifically use the pen tool to draw a path but could I use a shape instead of the pen for example a circle? I basically want my text in a circle rotating and then to come off the circle to form a straight line of text. Would the path tool be the correct way to do this do you think?

Shibe says:

I got an add of Adobe After Effects before this video started. . .

Μελένιος Ορίτζιναλ says:

for some reason my text doesnt cast shadows … any ideas why?

Musa Chahare says:

WOWW….THIS IS COOOL. …..I want to try it

Tinotenda Chemvura says:

Things started getting complicated at 19:00

Nyb says:

hey vanoss

Pop Corn says:

Your voice reminds me of lumpy space princess

Eskew Roberts says:

so I zoned out about halfway through so imagine the look of confusion on my face when I came back at 20:00

Tommy - 23r10 says:


Jasmin Stammler says:

In the European keyboard its Alt + ö (beginning) and Alt + ä (end) for 6:15 🙂

jesse j says:

Great video! You have a knack for teaching and I, personally, really enjoy your pace.

Abu Khuzaifah says:

th filem ?

WhiteHorseGaming says:

I don’t know why but the text is all blurry when I type and I don’t know how to fix it

sparkle green says:

my cast shadow doesn’t work

Luca Monti says:

Basic Typography & Motion Graphics and you start with music, really !?!?!

T Rex says:

Why not put in a link for the beginner course? Because I went to your site and the “After Effects Basic Training” video that you mention is nowhere to be found (at least by that name).

Rize Nation says:

yo, help me with my newest song 🙂

OSdoesGaming says:


HulluHili Kahi says:

I can’t seem to use any of the shortcuts because i have a scandinavian keyboard. Figuring them all out after swapping to US keyboard seems like so much of a hassle

BenevolentXMachine says:

this escalated so quickly at the end. I will always appreciate awesome lyric videos now.

Thanks for the awesome shit.

Deandre Warr says:

How much would you charge to make a lyric video for one of my songs

DMK Marc says:

Oh my god.
I finally did it.
I finally imported an image into adobe after effects after 2 hours of work.

Rio insanaputra says:

this is BASIC?

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