After Effects Tutorial Burning Titles For Motion Graphics

After Effects Tutorial – In this Adobe After Effects Tutorial you will learn how to create burning text / text flame effects using After Effects CC 2017.

Use this effect on your YouTube intro videos or opening titles for your next short film! Have fun!

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Thanks for watching!


Pulgis gaming says:

need help?

Ben Alice says:

How do i put it on a background?

Tummibear X says:

This makes me miss boerewors.

Skelly says:

Is there a way to do this so that I can still have something playing behind it? Like making the layer transparent instead of a solid color but still have the same effect?

plant epy says:

uh i cant find video output???

AstanArtz says:

Thx, your the only channel that is fast easy and you talk, thx man!

trix. says:

How i get flaming text with on my background?

UPLOAD KING'S Production says:

is there a 32 bit version of saber plugin or i just cant do it..????

leils says:

the effects is too high it covers up the text for me, help?

Kaung Myat Thu says:

Um….Would you like to Quick Guide to install that plugin?

สมชาย ชาญสมร says:

this plugin can also apply on png file too?

Brenda Victoria says:

thank you so much it really helped!! xx

Saturnus SuperThunderBolt2 says:

The plugin is installed but After Effects keeps telling me it doesn’t exist.

Ominous Noob says:

there is no saber effect in my version…2018 cc

Marshmallow fluff lover.s says:

This is sexy bro tnx for this

WiroYuki Edits says:

Youre very helping thx so much dude

Özkan BAZ says:

Thank you and I want to use this number on symbols how can I do this ?

KIKKO 77 says:

thank you, awesome tutorial

UPLOAD KING'S Production says:

is there a 32 bit version of saber plugin or i just cant do it..????

snow says:

How do I remove the black background?

TechnoDoggy says:

You sound South African?

Cricri says:

Excellent tut, liked and subscribed. Thanks a lot.

Have you experimented to change the direction and timing of the effect so the letters come in one by one always from the top or the bottom? Or all letters come on together from top to bottom or bottom to top?

Warren Berchie says:

To use your own background just go on the effect controls panel on the layer you have the saber effect on. Go to Render settings, Composite settings and change from black to transparent. The initial text, as well as the effect, may also show up, if so just click the visibility eye symbol on the text layer.

Sharp Design says:

so, we can make a Daredevil calling card without gasoline. yay. thanks. love your tutorials by the way.

Marcos Lalor says:

what other plug ins are free from videocopilot?

jamesmcsparron says:

Amazing Tutorial. It even works on CS5! A tad slow to render but, Thanks loads!

Girl Game says:

how is the program in which you made the Intro?

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