After Effects Tutorial: CS6 New 3D Camera Tracker -HD-

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the new 3D Camera Tracker in After Effects CS6.

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Tomi Szabo says:

I do a 3D camera track but I go with the cursor to the video and I havent got that red cycle! Pls help me!

Moritz Clus says:

Is there Anything one could do if the Step “Solving Camera” is taking litrally hours of time? My Footage is 50s long and contains a rather complicated Camera Slide. So is there any chance that AE CC will finish this step after enough time or should i try with overlapping smaller parts of the video? Thanks in Advance !

Biosystem Studios says:

Is there a way we can use this to add an artificial depth of field blur? For instance in a game that doesn’t have it, recorded some footage and used the 3D camera tracker?

Fishing The River Ebro says:

dudegreat video, you sound so much like kermit the frog..seriously

Gabe Diaz says:

How the fuck, do I do this but with an image instead of text?

joel marquez says:

What if I want to Put a Logo instead of Text?

LawlCakes -Old- says:

Layer size must match compisition

oguzok,幺 says:


bluxe movies says:

error; 3D Camera Tracker: Use only in the Composition panel +RiverCityGraphix

Marco Luzuriaga says:

Will this work with Adobe After Effects CC?  I’m looking to do some simple text in my video, but I don’t want to buy.  I figured with this tutorial, I can get a month subscription to Ae CC and do what I need to and be done with it.

Goran Jakovlevski says:

why i dont have 3D camera tracking

Ridz Sahi says:

How to fix unable to obtain dynamiclink server? it’s freaking me out help! Please help me! how to fix this problem in Adobe After Effects CS6!

sallapsira says:

thanx for sharing


The Text never shows up. Any suggestions?

Nickos channel says:

my after effects it says me an error to motion tracker
“After effects error: could not launch adobe analysis server. (515) ”
what can i do?

sojet tang says:

I love your video

Tjerk176197 says:

+RiverCityGraphix I get a red box across the video saying: “3d camera tracker: layer size must  match Composition and use default transform values”. what does this mean? how can i fix it?

TheVideoMakers99 says:

Good, I love this video!

OhhFarro says:

this nigga sounds like kermit the frog lmao

Barry Rowen says:

This was super helpful! Thank you!

Wind 風 says:

its just say analysis solve failed 🙁

Team Satchel says:

My bullseye target is not appearing therefore, I’m unable to track any of my tracking points. Does anyone know how to solve this?

Trem do Pantanal says:

can i insert railway tracks over a terrain without it?

Ross G says:

looks good but blue, anyway thank you for the tutorial, i like it!

Wajeb Wahab says:

The damn text never shows up!!!
Im getting frustrated, I do all the 3D camera tracking, I find a good bulls-eye spot, I choose it I right click on it, create camera and text, the 3 axis arrows show you, but there is no text, I increase size, decrease size, its just not there… 🙁

mickysdreams says:

thanks kermit .. very helpful, video very fluid and easy to follow

Distant says:

how to track your mask with the text? please please please answer?>>!!!

Daniel Stonek says:

How do you use a png or psd image instead of text?

Beatz says:


BloodIsBond Films says:

when i try and track, analyzing keeps failing. any help?

BØBBIE Daniels says:


creative planet says:

thank you very much very detailed informative , liked & subscribed 😀 !!! 

Nirmal Singh says:

thanks dear

Wagner Cursino says:

Very helpful. Thank you.

Vinn Scente says:

thanks alot

Kacerac says:

Very good effect !

XavistoPlay says:

THX Man!!! You Rock! Now i can finally end my montage 🙂

young hitta.15 says:

my after effects freezes and i hav to restart it when i try this and why is it rreeeaalllyyy badly laggy when i try to play a video on after effects

IN3 says:

Good video. You said  R for rotate….it’s W for rotate. Thanks

Chaminda Lakmal says:

simply amazing .. all i need in 9 min… cool and thanks kevin for the information..

RejectedJake says:

Thanks, this tutorial really helped because i needed to track a lens flare to stay on the tip of a “sci-fi” gun

Blue Skies says:

Am I the only one whos paranoid watching this because of those weird sounds in the background?

DriftReturns says:

Kermit E Frog Gives you a After Effects Tutorial: CS6 New 3D Camera Tracker -HD- Lol! Jk

RapidEdits says:

just mask it out, very simple.

Feirce Flame says:

its stuck on solving camera

Big-Fish Tackle Carpfishing says:

Hello, I followed your 3D text Extrusion tutorial to make my Text 3b but if use the Light layer i can’t get any differences and i can see just a solid white block almost undistinguishable. what am i doing wrong?

alooh king says:

How can I do it in blender ??

Project Studio says:

I tried  3D camera tracker on a video I created but it failed miserably. In the end I went with Boujou which worked very well.

Horrorgraphy says:

Good job!

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