After Effects Tutorial – Dynamic Logo Animation

In this video, learn how to animate a logo in After Effects! By using built in simple tools, you can make something cool – I promise. Follow me @notiansans on social to request videos, and don’t forget to subscribe!


John Luna says:

it would be cool to see a bouncing ball animation 😀

Alma Fenaxy says:


Bafo says:

MOOOREEE ! We want more :p

Jimmy Wan says:

Tell you the truth… The mic sounds like the old one. I don’t hear any difference

Rafe Moate says:

Great video!

The Ws gaming says:

Can we have a tutorial and or an introduction/review of adobe clip ?( the mobile version of premier)

FaceGasm says:

Goal achieved my dude, love learnin from your tuts (tuts not tits). thanks brosky. Those 2 thumbs down can eat

TheL4w1724 says:


Luca Minarelli says:

You deserve more subs

Youssef Hanafy says:

Can you make a video about the intro of your chanel

Dusky says:

Sick intro!!

Aron Jacobson says:


Gulakov says:

id he’s not Ian Sans. then who is it?

Tyler McNamer says:

YES! OH MY GOSH YES! I wanted to do something like that!

Thank you so very much for the tutorial!

Fred Machado says:

nice tips.


HI NOTIAN VERY GOOD JOB, i want to learn editing,are there any books youtubers ,websites you would recommand and thnx alot

Zaw Wìn Kyaw says:

very nice bro

Stefan die Waldfee — Retro & Indie LPs says:

So, what kind of microphone are you using now? Sounds great 🙂

Erel Maor says:

actually it will be the same…

Kick Stefanov says:

good tutorial
p.s: i like bg music

Erel Maor says:

i will try to do kinda the same in premiere just for fun 😉

GloomyShelf4000 // 99epic102 Gaming and More! says:

I love this series

Stop Footage says:

Hey, where can I find stock videos to practice my editing?
Edit: I don’t have a camera to shoot my own videos


How do you do the echo voice in the beginning of the video?

Ayoub Nassiri says:


Maryam Samadi says:

Great, I like this a lot.

Vaishnav Shinde says:

I was literally thinking about this last night

Bodie Michael says:

Hey, I was Just wondering if you could do a tutorial on one of those sad Simpson edits from Instagram. Those are so cool. Like if you agree so he’ll see this. 🙂

inez says:

Hey! Can we have a video on how aspiring beginner editors could get into entry-level post positions? More of like an advice video. I’d also love to hear how you got to where you are right now!

yugaan prasad says:

can we have your Intro Tutorial?
would be very helpful.

Chris Loya says:

duck in intro

thebrainbuilder says:

Hey can you make an adobe after effects all shortcuts video by demonstrating with an example pls

Honest Hands says:

been looking for a good logo animation tutorial for a while! Thank you!


Tutorial on how to do voice effects in premier pro. Echoes, pitch down, pitch up, intercom voice effect. “Attention Shoppers Effect” , etc.

Nikos pro says:

That’s pretty damn awesome aye.

CoopDoop says:

Hear before 1mil views.

aris melachroinos says:

You forgot the most important thing. Sound .

DS6 Prophet says:

*Thanks!! :D*

Isaac X says:

I finely know how to make a good animated logo. Thank you

Sak Gamer says:

Alway lerned your turtorial.

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