After Effects Tutorial – Fake 3D with Shape Layers

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to animate a full 360 spin only with shape layers and without any plugins.

******** Download the work files to follow along ********

Base Ai illustration to start animating with:

Final Ae animation:


This is a long one, make some coffee put on your earbuds and have fun! I’d love to see what you guys & gals create!

Expressions used:


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Arijit Bhattacharjee says:

Awesome tutorial. I am a huge fan of your work and had learn a lot from your tutorials and Gifs.
Thank you.

ChangSeok Lee says:

thank you~! see you next time, plz~~

Magnum357lb says:

Hi Tony. First of all thank you for this tutorial. I’m at 5th minute right now and I got confused. Right leg and left leg are overlapping. On the right leg you mirrored the leg from right to left in first key frame, and on left leg you did it on the middle key frame. Now when I turn on both layers for a preview they are looking the same. Am I doing something wrong?

Erika Ponce Ocampo says:

Please do more! 😀

Nolly N says:

best channel eveeeeeer

Shivam Chandra says:

sir how can i make isometric character walk in after effects

Joel Muema says:

What a coincidence…I was just revisiting your channel for memories . I thought you were gone for good.

G Skub says:

I’ve been using AE for about 6 years and consider myself a noob in the animation parts. There are some brilliant tricks in here that I never would have thought about. I love the detail in this video. Only sped up when necessary and clear to the point all around. Wow.

Im Orlando says:

u are the master!

mohammad Alladaa says:

Awesome tutorial

Paulo Henrique Trindade da Silva says:

very nice


Thanks for the hardwork. I tried this kind of thing once and it’s a bit mess, but now I learn more new useful tips and tricks 🙂
Thank you.

walaa elhawary says:

great tutorial thanks so much. can you help me i hit alt + click to pickwipe shoe path with main path but it dosent work

D. Israel P. says:

Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!
Would you mind telling how do you show all your keyboard input? Thank you!

tranmautritam says:

Great video, hope you will share more in the future.

Cesar Calzada says:

You are Amazing

Diego Carucci says:

Thank you for the tutorial

khalid afifi says:

i made it

thank you Tony 🙂 ♥

Fernando Díaz says:

Hey Tony, it’s pretty amazing what you do! We all appreciate you sharing it; I have a question, when I’m trying to twisting the figures, in one moment, they become completely flat and are not visible, so the 3D effect it’s not working, could you tell me what’s happening here?

Juan Monge says:

Amazing I was waiting for that

Tiho Aleksovski says:

Great and fun tutorial Tony! Thanks for putting it together and for sharing. Cheers

AS Animation Studio says:


Michael Müller says:

Great work buddy! Keep on going like that!

David Peña says:

The best… Thanks Tony!!!!

psychod74 says:

cool thanks !

Elay Reviews says:

Best tutorial ever

Tony Babel says:

Thanks for all the positive feedback! I’d love to see what you guys create following this tutorial, If you post it on Dribbble or Instagram tag me so I’ll see all your wonderful creations 🙂

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