After Effects Tutorial: Learn How to Rotoscope in 6 minutes!!!

Hey guys Colin Ross here with another adobe after effects tutorial attempting to help you learn how to rotoscope in 6 minutes. This is not only an after effects tutorial but also a breakdown of what rotoscoping is actually doing with real life objects.

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Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
After Effects CC 2015

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Matthew Smith says:

Colin Ross is a DINGUS

Luke & Dad Productions says:

another great video. I hate to be ‘that guy’ but the feather is 4 pixels not 4%

Rosomyat says:

But where are those colorful masks?

alloneword154 says:

Did I hear there is a quick selection tool now in after effects?

Kelley Ebeling says:

Colin ross is a dingus ha

xHylian KeybladeMasterx says:

I cant edit my roto strokes for some reason. i just click and nothing happens

jackrubycrew says:

Very helpful tut. Great information in a small package.

InDCityProductions says:

i thought roto scoping is when you use that tool that creates a pink outline around yourself. whatvthe pen tool is simply masking?

Skyler Rose says:

Bro the first minute was like the most solid opening minute to a tutorial

Hassan Naqi says:

hell man ….. why dont you use roto brush hahahaha

NTX says:


Divineshot 314 says:

Great tutorial!


Ur great teacher

Denny D says:

Great tutorial!

prankz junction says:

I just hate rotoscoping!!! Its too time consuming !! Can u make tutorial with mocha traker !! Plz

TacticalT0MAT0 says:

thats.. not how you do it… theres a way to do it on after effects that masks your subject automatically… did u not know??

hlima pachuau says:

Thing tk

lvrxnzv says:

But this is not rotoscoping? You didn’t even use the roto tool?

Claire Devine says:

who am i ahhha

Anja Aleskari says:

Can you roto scope with mocha ae?

tegoprod says:

It’s very nice the explanation part with scissors but this is really not the best method to rotoscope in AE. No one ever heared about Roto Brush in AE?

Jorge E. Guerrero says:

Anyone knows about mocha AE ? Don’t waist your time!

Beor Ong says:

I never had the patience to rotoscope same with animating, just too time consuming in my eyes

ThatSimplePanda says:


Taranbir Singh Malik says:

Thank you for this brilliant tutorial, especially the hands-on tip to mask body parts separately. If only I could learn this much for every 6 minutes I spend..

ClipReply says:

Or you do it properly with the rotobrush tool and save tons of time with a better endresult like this…

Zhongshan Shi says:

really useful!

Colin Ross says:

Hey guys if you are starting in after effects i think this can help you understand the basics of layers and how rotoscoping works. Hopefully it was helpful I’ll see you guys tomorrow! Currently in St. Louis Filming a wedding for my girlfriends cousin 😀

Juan Jimenez says:

easier with mocha

Nikolay Karakadaev says:

is there a Casey Neistat’s easter egg?))

Ashen Fury says:


Nestor Garcia says:

Love the drawing example!

oicnerrub says:

Very well explained. Good video!


Rotoscoping with text in After Effects is a poor example. Since masking with text can be done in Premiere and more people are more comfortable, fimilar, and have better access to it.

LeraKimchi says:

That was very helpful! Thanks maaan 😀

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