After Effects Tutorial: Logo Animations

A tutorial on how to do some sweet looking logo animations!

I hope this tutorial was helpful, if you have any questions or suggestions make sure to leave them down below.
Thank you!

E-dubble – ’till I die.

Original Mobile Game – ORBAVOID:







Alfred S says:

Shqiptar je a?

Marcos Hernandez says:

Why you don’t make a tutorial for the last one? i´m pretty sure, we all come here for the roma logo. . . not for the other simple animations. . .

kratsa says:

17:10 what’s that shortcut?

Mehrnoosh Alemi says:

Amazing Tutorial! Thank you soooooo much! I created my first After Effect project with the help of your Tutorial! 🙂

The one who laughs says:

which adobe effect are you using???

Mohammad Yunus says:

You are shaking so much 🙂

Ferricity AMV says:

It’s better to auto trace the twitter logo then animate the path instead.

Shay Burgman says:

what is wrong with this guy

Gurram Prashanth says:

subbed on the first 10 seconds after entering after effects

Abdul Ghani says:

you’re awkward

RessFaps says:

nice animations but unclear instructions…im new to after effects so I lost all my shit in my head when u saied ” now when u have them to be masked on their own)”…there Iost it…sorry but I don’t know how to do that 🙁

Infernal says:

Are you Albanian?

Max Lindh says:

Forza Roma!

MVMNT says:

Why wouldn’t you just use the interia bounce expression for the Google logo?

Foxie Dinzeo says:

like the Christopher Walken of after effects 😀

Darrel Cheong says:

tutorial for your intro logo please? thank you.

Sean Kelly says:

sloowwww downnnnnnwwwnnnnn

SchizophrenicLeaders says:

If you use a shape layer, you can animate the matte (and as a pro tip, the stroke, the fill and the paths with expressions and even pick whip actions). Lots more options instead of a solid.

Fatian Berisha says:

Are you from Albania?? cause your name sure is

William Fischer says:

16:27 for that sweet faux-3D drop shadow.

Massimo Gigante says:

0:09 wtf was that? are you mocking Peter McKinnon or tutvid or something ?

Korg Gaming says:

This is awesome, good job man.

Seveaux says:

WHAT>?!?!?!? man too fast, cant follow, :2:57 hit ass on the keyboard?

kiickass says:


Data Pack Studio says:


null cycle says:

Stay away from weed at least 2 hours before recording tuts

sebastian coy says:

what do you do in 14:20, how can i open that option?

Soviet Roll says:

wait, wat about that Katrori logo animation? I was expecting to learn that sick animation but you didnt put the tutorial? 🙁

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