After Effects Tutorial: Particles Logo & Text Animation in After Effects

After Effects Tutorial
in this tutorial I’ll show you how to make simple particle logo / text effects for beginners using Adobe After Effects and i’m using trapcode particular plugin

Download Free Trail version (Trapcode Particular) –


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After Effects Tutorial: Particles Logo & Text Animation –

After Effects Tutorial: Particles Logo & Text Animation –

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Thank you for watching ! 🙂



Hi flim I see your tuttorial and like so much and i´m practical so much, but de resources of this video don´t be download the matte. mp4 in the web dropbox 🙁 please cam you help me ??

jazzy scroller says:

Dang Man ! Sick ! Awesome job . Try doing a full promotional video using motion graphics, like for samsung or netflix. I am sure it will get a lot of views . Good luck 😀

FLIMLION VisualFX says:

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Gin-world says:

a huge fan of your tutorials , … they have bin a huge help to me as a new persone to ae software ,
here you can see my final result , using your tutorial and others as a guidline
thxs again !

Moha Ali says:

Nice Job !

BRABO says:

awsome tutorial dude.

Im having problems with the rendering. I did everything like you did and when im rendering it takes more then 3 hours to render this 15sec. I have a i7-7700k gtx1080ti and 16gb ram. You now how i can make it faster?

Give us more tutorials!

Ashish Singh says:

I m unable to find trapcode in my aftereffect
plz help me

Isavewho says:

go to preview it and I guess my computers like nah not really and so I’m in quarter mode and its still laggy X)


should i create a logo in PNG?

alex hitx says:

Make my intro

Wolfgang Heller says:

Best Export format?

MrZero 7 says:


BadHackX says:

you talk a little too fast. slow down a bit when explaining the menu amounts. Just a tip.

Sajid Ismael says:

First of all thank you for your great effort in providing such a great tutorial. Very easy to follow and understand. Keep them coming.

Чингиз Рахимов says:

Bro tutorial best! But tour english killing me)) LoL GG

edwin anderson says:

i really love how you animated the logo you are great man

Kvn_Vistar Production says:

hey plzz tell me from where i can dwnlod this matte

GLanka says:

cant find Trapcode>particular options
please help

Pansito Style says:

Name of FONT used? thank you

Pitt says:

For the future please create tutorials that are easy to follow for others, you missed a step

Gustavo Otero says:

i follow the steps but im stuck. on the video you have a emitter comp already and there is no explanation on how you got it or how you made it. can you please explain. i try making an emitter but its not working for me. thanks for the nice tutorials

Ricardo Nottola says:

Grande tutorial, grazie.

Ina Hernawati says:

i like this video thk for tutorial

Anthony White says:

In my particles comp, my logo doesn’t show up at all. And everything was done exactly like you showed.

Eatdatpussy445 says:


Grixx Gaming says:

Man! i can’t install the plugin on AE CS6
Please help me!

Roxyz says:

You are the best man .. But how create”Emitter” Comp ????

Corrections 1.0 says:

Hey , my fiinal render has a red “x” going through it? Any idea on what/ where it came from

jhai manzanillo says:

your my Idol im From Philippines

Jay veer Engineering and fabrication says:

plz give me tutorial for your 3d circle logo reveal i will pay you 5$ for thise 0.06 min ton 0.010 min on your video plz answer me

AS Entertainment says:

theres no link for the emitter file?? please help

Viewfisher says:

Which Font Bro

4SaKeN says:

hi could you tell me the font you are using please?

The_D-Death says:

Hello i have a problem , i use french version of after effect and i don’t have “invert” effect i have only “alpha invert”. In french “invert” = inversion maybe an error of translate ?

Subrata Banerjee Magic says:

which software do you use to make a logo? can you show us how to make a logo first and then use that on AE?

Zachary curry says:

For your logo, how’d you get to customize the colors. Like the first letters are red while the rest are white?

Nguyễn Công Toàn says:

I can’t install redgaint Trapcode Particular
pls help me bro
thank you

Zachary curry says:

How did you make, download and save your logo?

trent brown says:

FliomLion… 0:36

AS Entertainment says:

there are only 3 files in the link wheres The emitter file?? Please provide a link cant find emitter file

DeaDoNe says:

logo ?i need the same logo

7aamin Damy says:

I love your videos..!!! Hope some day I can do my projects like you… 🙂

madheadcrew1 says:

Awesome tutorial! I learnt something new and brand new and all your tutorials are dope and easy to follow..

I just got to ask how the hell did u learn all of this ??? its so much

Lucas Reymonet says:

Hi where can i find the “invert” effect please?

Sajid Ismael says:

Also maybe you can give the command keys for mac in the tutorials also. I know you are not using a mac in the tutorial, however it would be nice if you can have this in your videos. Thanks

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