After Effects Tutorial: Precise Infographics with Controlled Expressions

In this After Effects tutorial, we will create infographics with expressions that give you precise control over your project. Setting up your AE projects with slider expressions will allow you to quickly make adjustments on the fly.

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Skyler Marshmallow says:

Lol, nice call out on Andrew Kramer 😛

Jason Venkatasamy says:

Great stuff. You made it look easy. Thanks.

Mohamed Fadly says:

Thanks a lot. Great explanation.

English Live! says:

Thank you so much. That was really interesting.

hellaBayAr3a says:

Just used this for a student org video. Thanks for the help!

samit shirsat says:

congo on 20k

hima nabil says:

you are real good thanks alot
keep going

Jakevx1k says:

How would you go about changing the values so that when the graph is at full instead of 100 the full amount is a different number?

TealFlame1 says:

But how do I make the text so that it shows the actual figure as the bars elongate, rather than the percentage?

Advait Madhavadas says:

Great tutorial. As a very new user to Ae, this so extremely easy to follow. Had a question: Is there any way to add the percentage sign to the changing text? Thanks.

Ariel Navarro says:



little tips for window user, press ‘ALT’ and click keyframe button than you can find ‘Expression start button’

Carol DelGrosso says:

How would you apply the path trim information to the numerals if you would like them to follow the circular path?

Lorenzo Hines says:

Thanks a lot for these and your tutorials! Keep them coming!

Artyom Hov. says:

Pretty useful tutorial. Thanks!

Jeren Joslin says:

I have no idea how you don’t have more subs

BrickMove says:

so nice

Dexter Ellis says:

Thank you!

Gabriel Moraes says:

Awesome tutorial!
Thank you so much for taking the time to make it!

Lee Midwinter says:

Any idea why ‘Trim Paths 1’ draws my circle in reverse to yours?
ie When Slider is on ‘3’ the circle is 97% drawn rather than being 3% like it is in your tutorial?

Good tutorial by the way 🙂

NickiWTF says:


Steve Heimann says:

Nicely done! Short and to the point. Keep up the good work.

mohamed memmes says:

keep on . nice tutorial

Stefan Gustafsson says:

Man! Your tutorials are gold. Straight to the point, good speed, nice taste in graphics and colors, easy to understand. Thank you.

Erosion Creations says:

what do i have to do when i want a % behinde every number?

A E S T H E T I C S K E L E T O N says:

can you please explain how to make the values follow the movement of the bars

ktjk1 says:

good tutorial. thank you!!

Omriabz says:

Great channel man!

nishchay goyal says:

what’s the sound track in background

Indeed Studio says:

Andrew kramer is awsome 😀

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