After Effects Tutorial | S_Shake Effect

skip to 2:30 if you don’t want to see how i add transitions for the shake!! ⚠️

remember to use motion tile and motion blur or this won’t work! also this might be a little complicated for you if you don’t understand graph editor yet but hopefully it will help! last, i’m going back to my old intro ✨💕

if you need the Sapphire plugin:

first song:

second song:

song in the example:

my instagram:

anime used: Hunter x Hunter


CalmDownAce says:

Thank gOD

sho says:


Vinz GameplaysTM says:

thank you man!!i love this easy ways to make lit edits.

EnZx Hczaay says:


okkitas says:

bless your soul

kokichie says:

when i type the numbers on one of the keyframes it does the same for the other keyframe, is that supposed to happen? or did I do something wrong?

cloudytae x says:

Does that plug in work for ae cc 2018?

Rafael [ Amv Anime ] says:


Lycaon says:

Great vidd really helpful!! Keep it up

Akashi says:

can u do it with sony vegas ?

Bella says:

You’re amazing! It’s hard to come across quality tutorials posted by extremely talented people. Do you think you could make a tutorial on quick zooms, (multiple zooms within one clip.)

Myllss says:

Hi im early and i love you

Stephy Rsanchez says:

when i get a notifaction the you upload i throw everything and watch omg your a actual blessing ty

chanidiary says:

the black panther song jsdfhks extra respekt
also killua <3 thanks!

jade sksji says:

okay this is probably a stupid question and has nothing to do with the video and you probably wont answer but, you know how u put ur watermark like as a part of the actual edit? (like not down in the corner when the edit is all finished and stuff) uhh do add text to the actual clip and then bring that clip into your edit with all the transitions orrr cdizbllfiahk?

BruhItzJosef says:

Everytime I put on S_Shake it crashes my ae ;-;



Seimsl says:

Hey, thanks for the tutorial, where do you download the anime episodes to use them in your edit? 😀

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