After Effects Tutorial: Sam Kolder Transitions (Zoom and Luma Fade)

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WASSUP GUYS, BAKER HERE! I have been asked (probably close to 100 times) on how to do Sam’s zooming transitions and his sky dissolve transitions. Even though I’ve done these tutorials already, today I’m going to briefly describe what he uses. Hopefully you will find this tutorial first, before asking me how to do it. (Unless you have a new request, then that’s fine). Feel free to click the links below for the full in depth tutorials:


Version 1 Automatic Smooth Transitions Plugin:

Luma Fade Transition:

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Rene Giesinger says:

not working with AE CC 2015 …

Masendly says:

Another one

Z A D says:

Presets are working on Adobe Premier?

TopAnimeLife says:

I need some advice. I created an after effects preset and made a YouTube video and then someone else stole it and made a video on it without crediting. What should I do?

Samu 123 says:

Do i Need a 4K camera for THW first?

Waa Productions says:

Is there a way to use these presets in resolve?

JustARandomStranger says:

I’ve never even seen a Sam Kolder video. But i’ve seen these transitions and everyone calls it the Sam Kolder effect. And now I can do it. You’re the man!!

xtnicotx says:

i do everything like you but the clip which have luma have exposure and levels changed to, what im doing wrong?

wright vcx says:

People are sharing such information free of cost and here in your channel all effects are paid.

Only Charly says:

Hi !
that doesn’t work with me… i have a lot of expression error

gytn25 says:

how do you cut the adjustment layer? What’s the shortkey you use?

Noeau Kahokuloa-Pascua says:

I’m new to this program and it looks complicated af to use !

Richard Jimenez says:

Hi Baker, I recently upgraded to the new premiere pro update and now your preset doesn’t work anymore. Is there a fix for this? Thanks

Conrad Tanner says:

5 dollars lmao. Peace out.

The Epic says:

can anyone help me out with what software used to do these transactions . I am a beginner learning is at inital stages.

Julius says:

so happy to have found your channel 😀

Palestreet On Camera says:

Ok so my AE is in french, your preset does not work, cool … 🙁

Dev Chang says:

You’re like this generation’s Bob Ross. Thanks for this

TahoeMatt Media says:

The plugin work in 2017 CC?

Sebastian Kurpiel says:

Hey, is the second shot the same as the third, but just zoomed in or is it a completely different shot?

TaylorTallent says:

Does ANYONE know the SOUND, the deep woosh sound during the zoom transition that Sam Kolder uses? know anywhere I can get it?

Ankan Sunuwar says:

To whoever it may concern. I am having a huge issue with the Transform effect. Previously, it worked perfectly. Zoom transition was going ok. But now, it just jumps right to the end value of the keyframe. There is absolutely zero zoom animation. Please help.

I went into my previous projects in which the effect is working. They still working. But Idk what’s up with the new projects. I checked if it has something to do with the project settings but I found nothing.

fingerskatejourney says:

I want to use this transition but I’m editing with Final Cut Pro what should I do???? Pleasseeee someone answer

Darwin Garcia Yanzon says:

Nice tutorial, i was looking for the zooming transition, is it any plugin for premiere? I have never work with Ae

Gabriel Dickens says:

I’m looking for someone who can edit my aerial footage with color correction, Luna fades, Zoom in (with the music beats), and make it look like Sam Kolder’s at an affordable price

Message me on Instagram @gabe_dickens

Shana Rose says:

Thank you so much for this. I’m new to After Effects and this really helped.

pngballar24 says:

“If you want an exact copy of Sam Kolder’s transition, all you gotta use is my preset” xD best line. Liked and subbed lol.

Edwin Lapitan says:

Hey Baker idk if you can help me out man but I bought the preset and have used it in the past but now that I’ve updated premiere to cc 2017 every time I use the preset it flips the footage upside down. If I untick the mirror edges box under motion tile it flips back but it looks wired with it off. If you could help me please that’d be great.

Optto Feinberk says:

So nice Tools Transitions, Zoom and, Luma Fade

Mark-Christian Killick-Calver says:

Hey Baker, or anyone else who can help!! Whenever i apply the effect to an adjustment layer, the offset seems to flip my image! Help D: It’s basically taken a part of the mirrored image that is upside down and put that in the centre. I have no clue why 🙁 Please can someone help me out :/ I just want to do a cool slide to the left/right.

Reubs says:

These transitions showed up long before Kolder did, unreal how he gets most of the credit lol

Karl Candido says:

this is awesome – great explanation 🙂 cheers!

Ronny Balog says:

Which programme is that?

SHaskel says:

where the fuck did you get “luma inverted”

Yitong Xu says:


Sebastian Michael says:

is the Luma Fade also possible with the iOS app LumaFusion?

would be very happy if you can answer this for the travel guys editing their vids on the iphone 🙂

Pa Dam Tuts says:


Shimraan Mahir says:

*Awesome you have amazing talent in trying to get pro effects I really salute you BTW Im from SriLanka…..Just google it……*

xRuxxyFX says:

lol @ the ptp bookmark 🙂

apisitzero says:

Hey Baker, thanks so much for the video. Not sure if you’ve seen the new video Sam Kolder uploaded yesterday, “My year in 2016” and there was a lot of cool shots and transitions. I was wondering if you knew how he achieved some of it possibly and make it into a tutorial? There was this time lapse shot but it looked like it was handheld, I was blown away by that like how do you do that? And also there was this shot where the scene had the ocean waves come from the left and right of the frame and then it luma fade the rest of the way. PLEASE TEACH US IF YOU KNOW HOW!!

Julien Flomaster says:

Great Video but what’s with the Peter Mckinnon Intro? hahaha

Hendra Yudha Pratama says:

you’re the man, excellent…

Colton Dunkle says:

The box where you select “Luma Inverted” is now gone after the new update when trying to do a Luma Fade. Any idea where this box is now?

MIMCK Media says:

thought peter mckinnon say “What´s up guys” 😀

Castiel says:

My Adobe Premiere Pro has does not have the “exposure” effect. Where can I download that effect? Or did the name change?

TL TrustMeURAmazing says:

hi Bakers how u can have baker transition folder ? can u teach me sir? .

Oscar Eklund says:

Soooo…this doesn´t work on after effects cc?

Niceone says:

How do you open track matte 8:45 in AE cc 2017.. I dont have that option.. please help Im new to AE

Hanky Panky says:

wow man that was just really great, some peeps tought Kolder invented this transitions i jsut had to slap the, and show them your tutorials, great work!

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