After Effects Tutorial – Stop Motion Trail Effect

In this After Effects Tutorial learn how to do a stop motion trail effect! You’ve seen this effect done in Thrasher videos and skate videos before, but the knowledge can be applied to anything! Thank you SO much for 100k subs!! Don’t forget to give me a follow on social media @notiansans

Download the clip here:

Camera Shake Tutorial:


11alekon says:

when I open after Effects, it says “after effects: The licensing library encountered an error; you may need to reinstall.”

any help?

Octopaeus says:

You can call it Freeze Frame. Anyway thanks for the video and congrats on reaching 100k subs

Jordan Rage says:

100K! Congrats!

DoomsDash says:

You have helped me out so much! Can we collab?

Toney Franco says:

I been doin this effect. You late bruh. Lmao

KillerBot says:

THANK YOU YOUTUBE FOR FINALLY SUGGESTING SOMETHING USEFUL! and tahnk you sir for making these fun enterteining and super useful videos

Yassin You-gerten says:

respect from morocco

brianna is salty says:

can you do a ” how to make a gamecube meme” where it outlines something

yugaan prasad says:

I want to make a Editing Reel, to get a nice job, obviously. I have seen your videos and the video “How to make an Editing Reel” in which you show you own Reel, was awesome. But problem with me is I don’t have much work or none to edit it, I just finished my VFX course and will hunt for a job in a month, need to make my Edit Reel.
Any suggestions what should I shoot or edit. (I have a DSLR too, I was thinking to shoot something for the Reel). Advise me Please.

DoomsDash says:


moll says:

Super saiyan ?


best tutorial dude

FhanVenger says:

happy 100k my fav channel

Montoo bhatia says:

Congratulations for 100k really you are good job to achieve this achievement

P S says:

Your brilliant! Very good video! Ps can you do a video of bit depth. Like I was looking at the blackmagic pocket cinema camera non 4k version. I know colours are more editable from that camera but not sure how much better it is over the a7ii.

Hope you read this. Thanks and greave video

KevinTopia says:

Can you make a tutorial for the Mortal Combat/X-Ray meme? I tried looking for a tutorial everywhere, but can’t find it.

AldobernalTV Bernal says:

Can you do a gamecube meme tutorial??

EveryDay HoliDay says:

Congrats on your 100k, Notiansans…  😉 You’re cool, man!

Brooklynn Overton says:

Congrats man! I’ve been watching for a while but I’ve only recently subbed. (had to remind myself to start subbing rather than relying on recommend algorithms lol). You’ve taught me a lot and I’ve been able to grow my own business slowly. Thanks man.

Doge says:

You look tired. Try to get some sleep. <3

iCrazyTitan says:

Tutorial on the GameCube meme?

RobQuan says:

Can you do a time remapping tutorial for premiere I’m having trouble learning it. Thanks and congrats on 100k bro

Ready, Steady, Skills! says:

Still remember when I first watched one of your videos. You had like 10k subs. But i knew you’d get to 100k pretty fast. Congrats man!

O C says:

Ooof so dope

KD Ladwal says:

Congrats brother, love your content

Abdullah Alkaabi says:

Paolo Farinella Photo says:

Congrats on the 100k subs man…. Deserved, each one of them 🙂

Ace.Of.Hearts says:

Play button here we gooooo ! :”D

Илья says:

Realy thank you!
Especialy for red giant

Zeal Clandestine says:

Could you do a video on best after effects plugins.

Fir3Cl4w says:

Quick question, can you do this backwards, so the guy leaved a trail behind him?

Learn How To Edit Stuff says:

Thank so SO much for 100K subs guys!! Truly an incredible community and I <3 you all so much

Jesse Lane says:

Yes!! Congrats on 100k. Love your content. It’s helped me SO MUCH!

Pedro Toscano says:

Rotobrush isn’t better than mask?

Tiger says:

I think its called stromotion

Joubinour says:

I fucking love u no homo

JackZenn says:

Ian I know you read comments. You’re dope man, helped me so much with my editing!

BigRigRegan says:

Is it possible to do the same thing in premiere? As I only have premiere and photoshop

Jimmy Wan says:

Why do you push us to buy Red Giant stuff ?
You can get if for free in many website.
I will never pay for anything out of my electricity bill and my internet subsciption.
I even got all Adobe softwares with all the plug-ins for free.
On internet, you can get anything for free, Music, Videos, softwares… Why always paying ???!!

Zac Rose says:

Great video man! Can I ask why you used the motion track on it?

awr says:

congrats on 100k man, you’ve taught me a lot

Michael Hurdle Production Studio says:

Congrats on 100k bro. Your videos are good man.

Talexicoun says:

Finally! 100k subs CONGRATZ M8

Jime Luk says:


Anish Gupte says:

watching you since you made that THUG LIFE VIDEO..!!! GG

Karokhj75 says:

Keep up the good work

Reese Thomas says:

This would look cool in reverse. Like as something moves on it makes after images.

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