After Effects Tutorial: Sword & Laser Effect

Adobe After Effects Tutorial: Sword & Laser Effect
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Franz F says:

Best tutorial ever! I had at first lots of problems with downloading the plug-in and with the render, but now that I saw your video I’m finally satisfied. Even if I have got the free trial version only. Love your channel, the best on Youtube!!!!!

Zexille says:

This isn’t for real?

Saswat Nayak says:

Very Helpful . Well how to use with auto track any idea ?

Anonymous says:

Amazing! Thank you for this tutorial, it was really helpful! Earn a subscriber! 😀

Video Mash says:

146 people can not handle the force.

Veeresh nani says:

New more effects plz

All Around Jay says:

Great video

ASESAN says:

Offffff the sound is sooo fu***en eritating!!!


why don’t you make new videos even you get good views

Nitin mehrok says:

plz sir can you send me the link of after effect for download for windows 7 32 bit

Мансур Масаев says:

Werry God

Tim Behrends says:

The music! lol

กล้วยหอมจอมงั่ง ฺB2 says:

oh man. Your work is stupid.

BOT Creative says:

Hello bro, What Computer that you’re used

Mr Experiment says:

Thank You so much for create this fantastic channel, bro !



killerddt says:

Thank you , love your video.

Nishad Design says:

nice video bro help full

Technical Naveen says:


Keran Donovan says:

love these videos so well done, i am learning so much!



Kindkun Chan says:

funny hah

D nightcore says:

What is this software name?

D Cesa Cartoon says:

Parabéns muito bem elaborado e muito elaborado

shareef halaby says:

nice tutorial

Mayau Chelum says:

thanks bro…very helpful

JÜole Üse says:

why you did not used framing?

Emad Fayez says:

thank you so much 🙂

Juljan Goci says:

your tutorials are very helpful

Get Better says:


Pratik dharmadhikari says:

not so good

MrZz VisaL Remix official says:

subscribers me back

Art Design says:

Thank you !!!
This is my result of learning from you (beginner, my first try after effects):


very good bro your video is verysimple making and simple Tutorials thanks keep it up

VeXuS says:

If you are a Jelly fan like this comment 🙂

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