After Effects TUTORIALS – Disappearing to Dust!!

Another exciting After Effects Tutorial!
How to make yourself disappear to dust!!
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Milind Mali says:

so funny and thanks for teaching

aditya Dzaki says:

Abang ternyata bisa bahasa Inggris mantap banget

Hundred says:

can i use something from the trapcore suite to make something more complicated? or other effects? so as not to dissolve in dust but other stuff, idk

NeonTECH says:


Fr0xEd Channel says:

600 комментарий

Revolutionary Outlier says:

BOOM! hahaha love it man

GLaDOS says:

This is tommy wisau quality acting

TB Creations says:

“the effect is there, but the idea is in your head” ☺☺☺

BishounenLuvr says:

I couldn’t follow all of this very well. And for some reason the thing i cropped/cut got moved to a different location on the screen and I don’t know how to get it back.

World News says:

hanya 1 kata buat abang “KEREN”

Negnav123 says:

I’m the 5000the who liked the video!!!! 😀

deris FORLIVE says:

keren bang tara support lah (y) makin top lagi update tutorialnya
kalo berkenan subscribe ka , saya subscribe duluan hihihihi

Grand Trailer Reaction says:

Im trying to do something diffrent for a new channel i will make sometime.. magic!! I  need help to like, i am standing black baground, then i say something ” blah blah blah ” Then cards flow from both sides, and boom then i begining to transform into normal deck of cards, and just flies away with the cards.. could you do a tutorial like that ? 😀

EmrahBuzoli says:

what is this for a stupid akcent !!!

Bonifacius David Hendrawan says:

that very hard you know human not edit this video

Sharyee 13 Comedy says:

you are awesome. more knowledge from God to you.

Md Munna Khan says:

can u teach how to make half girl half snake vfx

Shagun 5 Studios says:

How you record this? I mean when your talking camera is on your focus, when he talks camera focuses him,#taraartsmovie

Lazy Filmer says:

Wtf, Acting was pretty good, Scenes were excellent, Voice Over was somewhat noticable but really good, Lighting was nice….. Damn, I’ve seen many independent studios with 50+ people in set and the outcome is shit, Acting is mediocre but this Acting was pretty legit not excellent but better then many

Agus Wardhiana says:

bang tara buat yang versi indonesianya ding

Eric says:

Hi why do i became black and the dust i also in black color after i finish with the pen tool?

Agus Wardhiana says:

bang tara buat yang versi indonesianya ding

Benito0o says:

Dave Hax music 😀

Cahyo Putra says:


fahood cx says:

best guy ever❤ you dont know how many people are achieving their dreams bcz of you ❤ thanks man

ColbyChristian says:

you’re very good at tutorials!! You make things very easy to understand and you are very gifted!! GREAT JOB!! AND THANK YOU!!

Gameingindo Tujuh says:


Eduardus Imam says:

kalau boleh tahu kameranya pake apa gan???

RAS 949 says:

hebat tara bahasa inggrisnya wah emang hebat sangat,sangat hebat, hebat sekali

Janusze Youtuba says:

what was the music on the first part

Ben Captures says:

Whenever I mask the mask, everything around it is already black and it can’t be turned off or on. <_<

bd cartoon says:

very good tutorila i lovr it thanks brother

valak junior says:

lo tau gak tara ngomong bahasa Indonesia di 6:42

taesthetic; says:

my scatter looks more like grains and dots but i want it to look like dust ,, help ?

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