Anime Energy Flash Effects! Videohive And Adobe After Effects Tutorial

In this After Effects tutorial, learn how to make your own anime energy flash effects AND where you can get amazing pre-made effects for cheap! Links below!

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Zeul says:

Excellent tuorial dude, thank you

Akash says:

You are too underrated

Tizerk says:

Title is spelled wrong(Videohive, not Vidohive)

no hate, love your stuff, just saying this so that you can fix it

Thiago Roman says:

I’m EXTREMELY happy that I understood the making process and I have to thank you, beacuse your previous tutorials made me want to learn AE.
Really wish I could buy the pack to suport you and use it in my work, unfortunately it’s still expensive for me.

TheSikrt says:


Ciekawe Ptaszniki says:

Who to hell gives to Natan thumbs down and why ?!?

Hossain Pieas says:

Your videos are so entartaining but so informative in an unusual way…i am still a noob in editing but you are inspiring me to get a career in video editing….you deserve more subs too…just love your content❤

KimberKustom says:

Dude. Calm down on the dramatic overacting. Just talk like a normal human being. I like your videos, but ffs.

MDX Remix says:

Can I get a Heart?

marshall branin says:

First song?

Tyson Lee says:

Your name sounds like a text font.

brianna is salty says:

you deserve more subscribers I don’t make the rules

Naminda Perera says:

awesome ………as always

The has production says:

How to add sonw effect in bass

AR says:

You’re the best! I would purchase the pack just to support you. Keep it up!

BabyG says:

Hell yea!!! So glad you made this video and also recommended a site to get these templates already made. Im going to buy them for sure!!!!

KaoDaz says:

Love this ♥️

Zell says:

I swear one of those effects looks like the hentai haven intro


Background music please

mrtubby200 says:

So I’m looking at that $33 pack there’s one more effect I want though. I livestream so I would love to have a glowy animation of a Super Saiyan effect that I can turn on and off of on a hotkey. Any recommendations?

Silly Kwang says:

if only i found your channel sooner…Great video btw:D Tks

Oliver Nmd says:

can you get the same result by using the Saber plug in, made by video copilot ?

Dumblekore© says:

Im 99% sure some of these arent even his overlays yet hes making money off them…. hmmmm

Abrar McFly says:

yeah, good tutorial and awesome effects templates.

Matthew Morante says:

Fastest click I’ve ever done

Su TV says:


afiq BB says: just for fun guys 🙂

FullSendSZN says:

Great vid man!!!


like, right now right NOW

JayKplayz says:

Could you do a video tutorial on Movavi video editor?

Prasanjeet Kumar says:

Wedding tutorials plz

Aeson Rose says:

Can you also use these in Premiere Pro? (The presets)

Trend Search says:


rülpi errem weizmann says:


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