Black Mirror: Bandersnatch | Trippy After Effects Tutorial (Liquify Visuals)

In this After Effects tutorial, we will try to recreate some visuals from Netflix’s new Interactive Black Mirror movie: Bandersnatch

Green screen:


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Philipp Bakendire says:

I believe that the effect in this particular film looks so professional because they added the painting (foreground) with an alpha channel in post. so they may have had a full black painting on set. Well that’s why the background or the black areas are not getting distorted. Its the best way but for sure takes a lot of time. But the end result is beautiful. Well done and thanks for this tutorial.

Spencer Torok says:

too cool.
really well done justin!

Mike Andyl says:


egg says:

Justin! I’m currently watching the episode and I swear to god in my head I wondered what it would be like to edit the trip out scene AND THEN I GET A NOTIFICATION FOR YOUR TUTORIAL AHHHHH

Brent Steen says:

Awesome effect. Awesome tutorial.
After effects trending in 2019 ✔️

Joe Okay's Channel says:

Another useful tutorial. Thanks Justin.

Mango Quan says:

Is this what It feels like to be… HiGh?

Malik Kelly says:

Never clicked so fast. I love this movie

MiDaY_i says:

soo lit

Jaelyn Nyleaj says:

This is so dope! Thanks for the tutorial!

Ashraf Ezzat says:

Great tut. Thank you.

illesbbs says:

I think they did the fluid simulation in a 3d software (probably Houdini) and then they composed it.
Something like this:

That autistic kid says:

Was really hoping for a video on this episode, thank you so much <3

ChronoMatt says:

that effect is insane!!!

Szkotu Szkocki says:

Like your vids mate,started to watch a long time ago,but only now Im actually trying after effects

ParhomenkoJohn says:

thank you, Justin!

ANDY says:

Thanks !

TS technician says:

Can you delete the last 3 videos in the photoshop playlist because that have got deleted. Its. Bothering me because i oftenly go to that playlist and its makeing me. Feel bad

CamRStrike says:

Thanks a lot for this tutorial man 😉 !

HarishRaj D R says:

Man… are god of after effects….thanks for the tutorial

Sebastian The Third says:

I haven’t even watched this video yet and the effect has won my future student short film 6 awards in the film festival run. Thanks Justin!

Cailan Cook says:

Thanks for doing this! The acid sequence was my favourite scene of the whole film – was so well done. Tangerine Dream was the cherry on top.

Lissi Quaint says:

Thank you!! could u plz also do a tutorial on the eyeball melting effect in Bandersnatch too? that one really got me, and im kinda curious how they made it

Chromatichavoc says:

Omgosh your amazing ty brother for being in depth please do more of these. Ty

Jimmy Wan says:

Doesn’t look like at all…Bad tutorial

Jovani Garcia says:

dude thanks for sharing this easy tutorial!

Tyler Casey says:

Killing it man!

TS technician says:

Thank you teacher want more and more after effects sir waiting for more add thiss video too the playlist

Alyssa Baches says:

Happy New Year! I hope you have a great year!!! These are so cool I’m gonna try to recreate then! I hope you have a meet and greet or like a work shop in person this year

Adrian Gray says:

Sorry but it was a fluid simulation 🙁

kn0ckamus says:

620k subscribers. We know ur name lol

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