Christmas Text Animation in After Effects – After Effects Tutorial – Inbuilt Plugins

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Christmas Tree Tutorial:

Hey Everyone, Welcome Back Again.
So Christmas is almost here, and You may be enjoying your Vacation. But this Christmas can be Special, Instead of Adding Simple Text into your Christmas Video, Add some nice Particle Text Animation, and you know what, This is all you can create in After Effects, without using any third party Plugin, That’s why this can be a Special Christmas. This tutorial is also going to cover, text animation after effects, after effects text animation, writing animation after effects, write on after effects, smooth text animation after effects, Christmas text animation, Christmas greeting card, Christmas particles text animation, new year text animation, and many more, so take a look, and Merry Christmas. 🙂

As always, this tutorial is Free, and we are not using any third party plugin for creating this.

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Thanks for watching.


Pravin Ughrejiya says:

Wow amazing but cc particula world system in particulas speed how decrease is so vary fast not a control particula speed

VickiD WtSmile says:

Merry xmas and a happy new year in advance! like it ^^

troy malik watson says:


Bishwajeet Maurya says:

Fabulous mate Avinash ❤❤

Yogesh Gupta says:

Bhai you are too good as always…great tutorial


Lakshay Dutta says:

Awesome vid . Love it .
Please make a tutorial for an intro like the one we see on marvel movies opening sequence.

ahmed bv says:

very good job bro i like it

Özgür Karaman says:

you’re the best youtube channel I’ve ever seen

Solid Edits says:

What if you use auto trace to auto mask the text?? Will it look kinda the same??

Geet VFX says:

I love your channel Sir

Pratham Sood says:

What software do you use

Music Spectrum says:

Awesome Design !

Chandrakanth DBhanu says:

Super sir

MK Designs Fine Woodworking and More LLC says:

Thank you for this!

S Shadow says:

Thank you so much for the tutorials, as always, I’m really happy that I found out your channel, every day I’m progressing using after effects! You should be proud of yourself, I can’t thank you enough, merry Christmas and happy new year. <3

Nicole Nway Wah says:

Thanks bro! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you !

Ahmadhussain Mohammadî says:

Hello Mr.Avnish Parker
You are the best teacher you are great
I wanted from you to make a video that how to Trapcode a person in a film or a font for a film.

Prithivi Raj says:

Bro how to create 3d motion posters ???

Third Party Sounds says:

you uploaded after exactly 1 year but previous was at dec 12th love it bro

Mami & Puthi says:

nice work….. thanks

S&S films says:

1980 by 1080 is ok for movie ? 70 mm screen ?

Ruchira Prashan says:

Love this channel benefited a lot thanks!

Efrasiyab Hiyel says:

Harikasın adamım.

Kiruba Karan says:

It’s really an amazing one can you put opening title effect like this

Gabrielle da Silva says:


CrackLog says:

Love your tutorials… Just AWESOME…

Mounir Ps says:

That looks so cool, but at this time I don’t have the required configuration to run that effect in After Effects. thanks for all you do…

Sports Champion says:

Very good thing to develop my channel by using AE

Roshan Wijaysinghe says:

Thanks bro

Big B skills says:

Make logo on the Big B skills for our u tube channel please…………

Taiwaneverything says:

Great tutorial. One question. All looks fine, but my particle burst is a bit away from where the writing happens, how can I get the position more closely to the “tip of the pen”? Thanks!

Yaye binu moon says:

Thank you again

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