Cinematic Logo Intro in After Effects – After Effects Tutorial – No Plugins

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Hey Everyone,
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Welcome back again. From the last few days, You were complaining about I am not creating some good tutorials, So here presenting the brand new After Effects Tutorial, Focused on Pro Looking Cinematic Logo Animation. Super Easy to create, and super high quality to look. This tutorial is going to cover, how to make the reflection in after effects, how to create a shadow in after effects, how to create a metallic logo in after effects, how to create cinematic logo intro in After Effects. All these questions, just one answers, Check this tutorial, and create the best you deserve.

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Chlorox Bleach says:

How are those facebook and twitter logos popping out made

MPM Design says:

Your Tutorials are so great with the step by step instructions. I never worked with after effects before – and you make me learning it a Little bit so easy. Thanks so much. Looking forward for your next Tutorials.

AquaPLAYZ says:

Awesome! I just got after effects yesterday and I’m not sure how to add sound but this was very nice!

Techz galaxy says:

Please make a tutorial on
How to make a perfect banner for you tube in Photoshop.

Gyalgo Effects Gathering says:

It’s beautiful and thank you very much for the link.

G-Lyrical says: sir i am your fan s i created this intro if you want to download hen project link in description it is same like above tutorial hope you will like it

Elise Hanssen says:

Can’t find the png logo file amongst the downloadable files :O

Ultrapix Tutoriais de Animação e Edição de Vídeo says:

*Muito bom, e sempre legal fazer no braço algumas coisas*

Avnish Parker says:

First.. 😀 😀
Check out the Promo of Aashray:

PS: I am still learning Film Making. 🙂

Darren Pellegrini says:

You’re a great one! I was looking for something similar but I did not know what to write in the search. thank you so much!

Hieu Nguyen says:

Thank you, the tutorial is very helpful for me. It so excellent.

Karthik Reviews says:

Can You Tell The Recording Software That You Using? Your All Videos Are Great And It Is Easy To Learn It 🙂

Marshal Entertainments says:

Can u make some other after effects tutorials other than intros please?I need some tutorials on making an explosion in after effects

after work shop says:

Download Free After Effects Templates

Edinho A.N says:

Hi Parker, You’ve being away for long. Thanks for your return.
I did tried once buying a stock video on VideoBlocks but I regretted. This site installed spams everywhere into my sistem. Every single sites I went to there was a VideoBlocks banner or flag fooling around. The same happened with Envato Market. Had to format my disc and install the hall stuff again.
Thank you so very much for this tuto. Cheers!

Free Bomb says:

Made a tutorial on Avnish Parker voice… Check it

Nifaz ahamed says:

Iam 15 yrs old I tried ur logo video but I goin to finish the template

Noriko says:

wow thank you ahmm i really want to know how you make your voice over

Centaurus A says:

Of all of the fake voiced videos, you sir have the best voice. 🙂

GHOST AB says:

dude :/ em trying to add that logo music but cant able to add 🙂 u forgot -_- too …. to add it on video

Jayanti Darji says:

Ok ok ok sir please i m very very sorry i misunderstand


bro,ink trasition tutorial in after effects

Decio Pegado says:

I made my own logo intro inspirited in yours


Anurag says:

How to make a professional looking logo
I seen your previous video on this topic
But my channel has only one word
And that tutorial is on the two word name
If you make the tutorial on this topic
It will be very helpful

Alexander Ospanov says:

Amazing, thanks a lot!

Pad says:

I learned a so much in just few minutes.Thank you so much!!!!
You earned a new sub. Keep it comin.

Alan Lima says:

You’re the BEST

Jayanti Darji says:

Then what do you mean by ” includes paid promotion. “


Hey…! Brother…! Can you tell us how to make this type of lyrical videos please brother tell the way to make them..

Jayanti Darji says:

You are you i am really very sorry


Hello Avnish Parker, I’m regular check your video on after effects,, it’s really learnable,,,, I will request you make a another tutorial on BBC World news intro…..

I am waiting for for your next intro tutorial on BBC World News

Mobeen Islam says:

ir that (image blinking to audio) I want to learn please (I am requesting this video from about 3-4 months) please sir

Media connect says:

very useful to learner

Edinho A.N says:

I would be grateful if you change logos scenes tutorials and make celebration days tutorials. I did learn how to make Fireworks from your tuto and I only did the snow myself (made a spot image, animated it with Trapcode Particular and could get millions of spots blowing about the scene) Still have the video I downloaded from your channel some years ago. I am sure you have the knowledgement and creativity to do make some interestings celebration stuffs.. Hugs.

aryav balia says:

does anyone know how to make a shape, I cant find the shape tool anywhere in the settings or on the program?

XenoTech says:


Umut Durmuş says:

Great job thanks

Umut Durmuş says:

What is the font name u use Real Metal text?

brian colicheo says:

i love it

Nifaz ahamed says:

Parker I tried ur video but I have Adobe cs5 ae I like ur video very much

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